January 2008 Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

The January 2008 TarotScopes features cards from the Tarot of the Crone. The Tarot of the Crone deck was created by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and is published by Leisa ReFalo. It is available at www.shop.tarotconnection.net

All images used with permission.

Aries: Lovers (7 of Pentacles)


There is an important decision that must be made, but only after a thoughtful examination of what you have already cultivated. What you choose is not as important as why you have chosen it. Though security may be an enticing path, this time, greater opportunity resides in the path less traveled. As you contemplate the options of a new endeavor, keep in mind that you have only just begun.  There is still a long productive road ahead. By the 14th, you will receive the answers you’ve been awaiting and meet a rather important person.

Taurus: Sun (4 of Wands)


Happiness and success are on the horizon this month, as something you have energetically invested in will begin to show signs of fruition. Recent troubles are definitely getting better, and areas of restriction will begin to open into wider pastures. Be sure to use this to your benefit. You are the star of the show, so let that light inside you glow and all your experiences in life will begin to grow. A celebration during the middle of the month brings you closer to those you love most; reach out and love someone.

Gemini: Tower (Ace of Cups)


The waters of your emotional state are soon to be whirled about into a massive hurricane of commotion. This storm could be brought on by feelings of love, hate, depression, fear, or sheer euphoria. The key is not to analyze the conditions, but to assess the areas of your life that are implicated in the storm. Try to move into the eye of this storm in order to see what is real and false. The weekend of the 18th will be intense, as something unexpected will demand your attention. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

Cancer: Hanged Man (Queen of Wands)


You are in the midst of a spiritual initiation. However, like in any journey towards enlightenment, you must first surrender your ego. Be willing to sacrifice control in order to tap into the reservoir of inner riches. There is no easy way to find success when your aim is incongruent with your heart. A dilemma around the 20th will likely be the cause of some internal conflict; should you or should you not, is the question. Trust your intuition instead of the voice of reason; solutions come by way of insight, not strategy.  

Leo: Strength (8 of Wands)


Prolonged information, which has been vitally necessary for some area of your life, will now be revealed. Though you may not like what you find out, do not over react; everything is not yet apparent. There has been a misunderstanding that can be used to your benefit, so long as you do not fly off the handle or jump to conclusions. Instincts are important right now, and if you are possessed with anger, fear, or pride, you may erase any chance of recovery. Trust your gut and wait; by the Full Moon your truth will be discovered.

Virgo: Magician (3 of Pentacles)


You are in a very creative spot this month, especially in terms of generating clever ideas or plans for others. Your natural charisma can be useful for recruiting or delegating others, and your receptivity to their talents makes you mindful of how to assist them in practical ways. People will be drawn to you for advice or expertise; steer clear of ego inflation and empty opinions. You may also feel called to further your education or training in some area; the last half of the month would be an excellent time for study.

Libra: Judgement (5 of Swords)


A greater willingness to accept your own limitations may help you realize why you are currently entangled in certain conflicts. Begin by examining your values in a more honest way; see how your mental attitudes are blocking you from pursuing your highest potential. Your biggest obstacle may turn out to be nothing more than your stubbornness to admit defeat: self-defeat. Stop pointing the finger and begin taking responsibility and you will be amazed at how quickly your life can change. The end of the month offers an apology for past hurt; this time it really is over. 

Scorpio: Death (10 of Pentacles)


This year promises to start off with a bang; there is a permanent change involving your family and/or your job: it could be a death, a birth, a wedding, a promotion, or a dismissal. Allow yourself to flow with this transition because there are incredible opportunities that will emerge. Those who have been seriously considering a major investment, wait until the end of the month to take the plunge. It would be wise to tighten up your finances in preparation for the coming year; whether feast or famine, you’re going to need it.

Sagittarius: Temperance (King of Swords)


Life requires balance and harmony; without it you are susceptible to all sorts of problems. As you struggle to solve an issue this month, you may find that your rational mind creates all sorts of scenarios – many of which avoid careful consideration of your own feelings and possibly those of another. During the first week of the month a significant male figure will push you beyond your presumed comfort zone. Find a creative compromise instead of forcing the issue. By the end of the month, you will earn well-deserved respect from your peers.

Capricorn: High Priestess (4 of Pentacles)


You may need to shift your perspective a bit from relying on what you already know and have, to trusting your intuitive receptive side. If you have been feeling off-center lately, it could be that your focus has become consumed with either the illusion of security or the morass of your worldly affairs. Find a way to withdraw from the activities of everyday life, so as to realign with your inner self. The New Moon offers a period of deep reflection.  Use this time to reconnect with your deepest fantasies. Do something creative!

Aquarius: Chariot (4 of Cups)


A general feeling of indifference is likely the cause for your current brooding. While externally, life is rather clear, internally, there is some insecurity. Your challenge this month is to warn off the New Year blues and prepare for exciting developments just around the corner. You have overcome some important battles in the last year that add to the person you are becoming. Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened; focus on what you want to create next. The New Moon will bring back something lost, and someone you least expected will offer a great piece of advice.

Pisces: Emperor (6 of Wands)


Your hard work and determination will be praised in the eyes of others.  This may come in the form of a promotion, a raise, or some wonderful gift. The plan or project you have been working on is ready to be revealed; you will be pleasantly surprised at how positively it is received. This is also an excellent time to show appreciation to all those hard working people in your life. Work related issues may throw a wrench into your weekend plans for the 11th; don’t procrastinate or there could be an unforgiving price to pay.

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