Year Ahead Tarot Spreads

By Melanie Marquis

The start of a new year brings fresh possibilities and renewed determination, making it an optimal time for a large-scope Tarot reading to give you a sense of what lies ahead. It’s a great time for spreads that offer an extensive view of the months to follow, illuminating possible opportunities to pounce on and potential dangers to avoid. Here are a few year ahead Tarot spreads you might want to try:

Seasonal Outlook

This spread organizes your year ahead into the four seasons. Shuffle the deck then lay out three cards each for spring, summer, fall, and winter. The cards that come up indicate events and overlying themes for each three-month period. For example, suppose you draw for your winter cards the Wheel of Fortune, the Three of Pentacles, and the Ace of Pentacles. You might interpret this to indicate a change of employment that could come in the winter, bringing more income.

The Calendar View

This spread reveals the main event for each of the twelve months of the year. Shuffle the deck and lay out twelve to form a large circle. Read them each in turn, assigning a particular month to each card beginning with January. For example, The Lovers card appearing in March might be taken to mean a new romance will spring up in the year’s third month.

Obstacles and Opportunities

This spread shows you what to look out for, both the good and the bad. Shuffle the deck and think positive about the year ahead. What opportunities might arise? Choose seven cards. Shuffle the deck again, thinking of your desire to stay safe and be prepared. Choose seven more cards. Interpret the last seven cards first, as your obstacle cards. These cards reveal potential obstacles to avoid. Then interpret the first seven cards, your opportunity cards. These cards show opportunities that are likely to head your way in the year to come.

New Year Magick

This spread lets you magickally create the year you desire. Look through your deck and choose one card for each season or each month of the year, a card that represents the energies you would like to manifest in your life in that upcoming time period. Lay the cards chosen in a circle. In the center of the circle, place a candle and light it. Think of yourself drawing to you the realities you want. Leave the cards in place until the next full moon, then take them outside, kiss them gently and blow the kiss to the moon to release the magickal energies of the cards into the wider universe.

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