January 2011 Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes feature six different decks.  Each deck is used twice.  See the individual scopes for identification and publisher. - Ed.


Strength (3 of Pentacles) 

This year will bring out the very best in you as long as you fully dedicate yourself to the experience. The potential for personal and professional success is enormous, and your vitality makes you a natural creator. Through your passion and skill, you have the opportunity to materialize your visions and plans in the world. Even if you’ve had a challenging time, this year promises reward through hard work. You may also consider working in another location or position. Now is a great time to enhance your skill set through school or other forms of training.

Images are from the Golden Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Lovers (Queen of Swords) 

This year will be punctuated by several important decisions, each offering a glimpse into the deeper motivations of your soul. The outcome of those decisions is less important than the criteria for choosing. Don’t settle for the “right” choice until you take time to understand the layers of emotion around the issue. Justifications are easy when you focus on feelings of discomfort, fear of rejection, or anxiety about the unknown. Trust your considerable wisdom and resources. No matter what happens, if you’re honest about your intentions there’s always another path. Look closely at a significant relationship this month – you’re overlooking something important.

Images are from The Buckland Romani Tarot published by Galde Press.


World (Knight of Wands) 

This year offers profound experiences of healing and resolution. Although the tendency may be toward material achievement, and that is likely, the real goal is waking consciousness. Beginning as an impulse for change and adventure, a building sense of passion will infuse your affairs. Take advantage of this energy to make things happen. Be mindful to stay present in your relationships and honest about your flaws. Deeper healing requires resolve of inner and outer conflicts. What you hold onto you become; you can change your world by changing yourself.

Images are from the Golden Tarot of Klimt published by Lo Scarabeo.


Devil (King of Wands) 

This year will bring to light what’s been hidden in the shadows. It is always much easier to see what’s wrong and what’s right about others than to acknowledge it about yourself. In this instance, your mission is to resurrect your amazing talents and unlived potentials that have been hidden under resentments, fears, and insecurities. Take caution however, not to become inflated or self-righteous in this process, for the goal is to be humble and independent. Use shadowy emotions like envy, pity, craving, and dependency to point you in the direction of your personal splendor.

Images are from the Mythic Tarot published by Simon & Schuster.


Chariot (2 of Swords) 

Your challenge for this year is becoming self-aware – a noble quest, indeed. This journey goes beyond superficial attempts to avoid the ego or overcome bad habits. Rather, this is a period to align your intentions with your attention – your mind and heart. Harness your mind and it will serve you; make peace with your heart and it will support you. To know yourself is to fully accept all your pieces, while reconciling the conflicts that impede your growth. Self-mastery is the first step in becoming aware. Be conscious of how you react around the Full Moon on the 18th.

Images are from the Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal published by Lo Scarabeo for Llewellyn Worldwide.


Emperor (King of Pentacles) 

Your goals for this year invite you to sharpen your sense of reality. If you aim for security, then you must create continuity in all your affairs. Although it’s not the most glamorous path, applying your skills in a deliberate and focused way will lead to manifestation of your highest vision. There’s hard work ahead, so plan efficiently. Don’t be seduced by easy solutions, nor be too proud to ask for help. This month will be filled with mundane tasks that will prepare you for the year ahead. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Images are from the Hudes Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Hermit (Queen of Pentacles) 

This New Year is a deeply reflective period in which your focus turns to the more mature requirements of life. Although ambivalence may creep in from time to time and melancholy might stop by for a visit, do not be afraid of silence. You are full of untapped wisdom waiting to be integrated into your life. The important questions shift from the material to the spiritual, shedding light on who you are, not what you do or have. Take time to be alone, find ways to honor your truth, and most importantly, surrender to the beauty of deep feeling.

Images are from the Golden Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Temperance (7 of Wands) 

This year will teach you the value of restoring balance and equanimity to your life.  You will be given several opportunities to come to terms with your fears. Through courageously overcoming your challenges, you will learn to rise above external and internal conflicts to create tolerance and unity. Peace comes from using compassion to bring opposites into harmony. Fully give in to experiences and you’ll find a hidden path; remain unmoved and you will, in turn, remain the same. The end of the month brings your first lesson: one of forgiveness.

Images are from The Buckland Romani Tarot published by Galde Press.


Fool (Ace of Cups) 

The adventure of this year guarantees a journey with curious detours, astonishing twists, and newly found freedom. As the hero in your own myth, this odyssey will bring you closer to the true nature of your soul. There’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling than living the life you want, even though there will be many lessons about trust along the way. Your travels will be guided by the spontaneity of your dreams, if you can let go of rigid expectations and harbored hostilities. Your concept of security will likely be challenged and will hopefully move from being externally driven to internally directed.

Images are from the Golden Tarot of Klimt published by Lo Scarabeo.


Death (2 of Cups) 

Your year promises great transformations in the realm of personal relationships, and even more profoundly, within your own emotional and spiritual development. The challenge is acknowledging how attachments prevent you from growing or going deeper within yourself. Contrary to the concept of finality, death is the doorway to immortality. Through the process of letting go, you come to value the sacredness of your relationship to life and its many facets. Be conscious of your reflection in others – you see what you want to see. Around the 4th, a relationship will begin the process of growth or decay. By the end of the month, you will know what this means.

Images are from the Mythic Tarot published by Simon & Schuster.


Empress (3 of Wands) 

Your creative impulse will animate this year. Tempting as it is to do so, you’ll scatter your energy if you expand into too many directions. Be mindful to prioritize which projects you nurture. Your energy of confidence will bring about opportunities for new professional and personal enterprises. Notice the cycle of development, blossom, and decay. Be careful not to attach yourself to any one phase longer than is necessary. The goal is to rise above your insecurities to live life with self-assured passion. What you start this month will blossom in May.

Images are from the Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal published by Lo Scarabeo for Llewellyn Worldwide.


Hierophant (10 of Swords) 

This year you will journey through the world of your beliefs. As you explore the various landscapes searching for new meaning, you will encounter a moral quandary. Don’t look at things as this OR that, but as this AND that. What once seemed irrelevant becomes crucial to understanding yourself. It’s important to acknowledge that your justifications are excuses. Rather than getting caught up in what you should do, find meaning in your personal experiences – especially the less conventional ones. Before accepting a truth, be willing to question its source. Around the 7th, a negotiation may require giving up more than you want.

Images are from the Hudes Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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