Luna Blanca’s Tarot Book

Luna Blanca's Tarot Book

Luna Blanca’s Tarot Book
Illustrated by the Tranquil Willows Deck

Review by Tabitha Chamberlain

Published by By the Light Of Productions
Pages 224
Retail U.S. $19.95
ISBN: 978-06-9253-149-5

This book is a unique blend of ideas from the author’s 20 plus years of Taroting. The book is pretty straight forward starting with the Preface where the author details how and why this book came about, also her choice of using an newly published deck to go along with it. After which follows is a brief introduction of Tarot and also a combination of Tarot decks she choose to use to illustrate the rest of the book.

After these two short chapters, you jump right into the Majors starting with the Fool. Each card is detailed with large black and white image of the Tranquil Willows Deck before being broken down into several different aspects:

Keywords, two key words or ideas that deal with the card itself

Description, a deeper core meaning of the card

Dark Side, these tend to represent the reserved meanings of the cards

Light Side, represent the side that are seen mostly in upright meanings

Between the Decks, a look at several different use of image for that particular card

In Spiritual Work, if you practice magick or meditation this is mostly for you

Questions to Ask, things you should ask about why you’re seeing this card in a reading

Affirmation, positive statements to help understand the card

Snapshot, quick poem to help remember core meaning of the card

Majors 1-9 also have: As Lifetime Symbol or Name Symbol and As a Year Symbol, basically meaning that it details what it’s like to have to deal with a particular card year. The book is very numerology based. I will admit that I do find the “Between the Deck” and “Snapshot” aspects of the Majors would only add more confusing to someone who’s just starting to read Tarot.

The Minors have a very basic description, going by the number and their core meaning. Each card is detailed first by the differences in decks, than by core meaning of the card itself. The Court is set up very much the same way.

The final few chapters, she talks about how to start to reading Tarot and reading for others. There is also a section for the numerology that is much focus of the book. Also the chapter on meditation and spiritual is good for those that practice magick or wishing to obtain a better understanding of Tarot meditation.

Personally, the best part of the book, which covers two chapters, is how to start to read Tarot using spreads. This basic idea she explains by using a spread called the Celtic Circle. She starts simply with a 3 card spread, building it up in stages into a 10 to 14 card spread. Showing examples each step of the way.

The language is a little odd in places, but nothing that is off putting. The book itself while set up for those just starting their Tarot journey, I personally feel that this would be better suited for someone who’s more comfortable with Tarot, but don’t consider themselves an intermediate reader.

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