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Have you considered contacting other Tarot enthusiasts in your area and meeting up somewhere? I have to say that the only thing better than talking about Tarot online is talking about it in PERSON! A meet can be as few as two people who decide to get together at the local coffee shop or as many as ? All it takes is an interest to get the ball rolling. There are several websites like that will show you any groups that are already established in your area, or people who are interested in meeting. The site provides a means of setting up a new meet. I've met with Tarot friends at Borders bookstores, local restaurants, and even a Red Robin restaurant (it was a little hard to hear at the Red Robin). Even in the conservative, primarily agricultural area I live in there were 20 people interested in meeting!

Try This!

If you find yourself at home or somewhere with a flat surface and want to do something with your cards, but don't feel like reading, you can try this solitaire game. I adapted it from a game I played with playing cards as a child. 

Take out all the court cards from King through Page. Remove one Page card and set it aside. Shuffle and deal out the cards in 3 rows of 4 cards and 1 row of 3 cards. 

The game is played by moving the cards to get them back into order by suit. You can't pick up the cards, you can only move them by sliding up or down, left or right. The missing Page card makes a space that allows the cards to move within the grid. So if you slide a card down into the empty spot, there is now a space above to slide a card into. The game is won when all 4 rows have the courts of each suit together and in order.

Tarot Trivia

By Melanie Harris

    1. In early Italian decks, what name is given to the card now generally known as "The Lovers"?
    2. How many human figures are depicted on early French versions of The Lovers card?
    3. What pip card of the suit of swords is commonly associated with heartbreak and romantic strife?
    4. Which Tarot suit is associated with love and emotion?

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