Lover's Path Tarot

By Peggy Firth, CTM
Kris Waldherr's The Lover’s Path Tarot Set, published by U.S. Game Systems, Inc. and based on the Rider-Waite deck, is a very helpful, comprehensive tool for examining relationships and for suggesting ways to resolve issues between two people. The beautifully illustrated deck, book, and spread sheets are arranged in a lovely red keepsake box. The book and deck are instructional, intended for couples who are interested in deepening their knowledge of each other, determining their compatibility, and learning new ways to keep their love alive. 

Beginners will find all that they need to execute a comprehensive reading: a complete Tarot deck, and a step-by-step introduction to Tarot reading, including spreads, worksheets, and notebooks (for logging progress and for taking notes). 
The book includes illustrated stories of famous lovers, and these relationships are also woven into the cards, to help the reader extract deeper meanings for those seeking love advice. 

The bulk of the book examines each card in the deck, starting with the Major Arcana, in light of relationship issues. Keywords and phrases follow, which I find helpful in formulating interpretations.  Reversals or challenges are not openly discussed, but they are implied: Mueller reminds the reader to modify the meaning of each card as it appears in a “heartprint,” or spread. 

In addition, the book offers exercises for learning one's emotional reaction to a new deck, for creating stories, and for combining standard meanings with one's own interpretations.  Mueller also explains how the cards can be used for daily meditation, as a way to provoke awareness of some aspect of inner psychological development. 
One section of the book consists of numbered blank cards, designed for photocopying.  This provided me with an idea for my own way of keeping track of clients: writing name, date, and an account of each reading on a blank card or other small piece of paper. 
Chapter eight, "Heart Codes," discusses numerology, and describes most of the symbols found in the cards.  The chapter also contains an in-depth explanation of the Rider-Waite deck colors.  Space for the reader to add his or her own impressions is provided.  Selected astrological correspondences for the Major Arcana cards are included, as well.  A few examples of dream messages in symbol form are discussed, and the author suggests that the information contained in this chapter makes it possible to interpret the symbolism of dreams. 

Chapter 17, "Heart Tracks," presents a variety of spreads that provide insight and reflection into various aspects of a relationship.  Mueller states that in reading for two, a relationship framework for arranging the Major Arcana could be three rows of seven cards, omitting The Fool. Cards one through seven represent ordinary problems that occur in daily relationships, cards eight through fifteen represent the inward work of spiritual development, and the remaining cards connect the couple with archetypal forces. 

The last appendix, designed for the beginner, takes the reader through sample readings, from the focus question and the selection of an appropriate spread, to the cards pulled and a reading of those cards. 

A particularly useful idea in the book is Mueller's suggestion to arrange all of the tarot material one gathers into a binder, to help the reader track progress, and to create a resource that will help the reader gain skills as a partner. This binder can be expanded to include each kind of relationship we may have, including work relationships, religious affiliations, relationships with our children, and inner growth. 

The deck itself is gorgeous; the artwork is sophisticated and romantic.  The card stock is good, and the backs of the cards are a nice burgundy.  My querents enjoy the experience of having such appealing cards used for their sessions.   

The deck and its companion book are designed to shed light on matters of the heart, and as an experienced cartomancer, I find the Lovers’ Path Tarot Set to be a great resource for those sticky relationship readings. 

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