Tarot for Today

By Melanie Harris

Well, it's February, and daily life has been infiltrated by a barrage of delicate doilies and fluffy pink hearts.  Everywhere we look, we're bombarded with advertisements for ways to express our love for just $19.95 and up.  It's enough to make even the mushiest romantic cringe.  Valentine's Day need not induce nausea, however.  Love should be celebrated everyday, with or without Hallmark, and true affection is far more powerful than commercialism.  Just because Valentine's Day tends to be shallow doesn't mean that yours has to be that way.  This month is an excellent time to get your own bit of romance going, or to delve deeper into an existing relationship.  February is a time to celebrate the first stirrings of Spring and all that comes with it: freshness, rejuvenation, and opportunity.  Here are some February Tarot activities to get your heart and your head moving in the right direction towards a fabulous Spring.

Love Wish Tarot Talisman

For some luck in attaining a love-related wish, try this charm.  Make your special wish on The Star card, infusing the card with the energy of your heart's desire.  Next, send all the loving energy you can conjure into the Ace of Cups.  Carry the two cards together to help make your wish come true.  This talisman works best when it is used only on rare occasions.

Couple's Intimacy Layout

This layout is intended to explore and increase intimacy between two lovers.  The cards should be mixed in a loose heap, both partners working together.  Each person should select three cards from the pile.  The first card shows a benefit gained from the relationship, and the second card reveals what is most attractive about one's partner.  The third card signifies a relationship need that is currently unfulfilled.  By discussing the cards, lovers learn how deeply they are appreciated, and specific ways to improve the relationship come to light. 

Rejuvenation Ritual

This ritual rejuvenates the spirit and invites new opportunities for a fresh and energized approach to the coming Spring.  Begin by laying down the Ace of Wands, contemplating the "winds of change" symbolized by the card.  Voice your willingness to embrace positive change in your life.  

Now, below the Ace of Wands, place the Ace of Pentacles, the Ten of Pentacles, The Lovers, and the High Priestess.  Touch the Ace of Pentacles and say, "I welcome a positive change in my finances.  I invite new opportunities."

Next, touch the Ten of Pentacles and say, "I invite new chances to bring my family closer together."

Now, touch the Lovers card as you say, "Welcome, change, into my love life.  May my romance grow more loving, and may my lover and I be blessed with new passion."    
Finally, touch the High Priestess card as you say, "I invite new spiritual knowledge.  I am ready to evolve."

The ritual complete, changes in your life will be seen for what they are, positive opportunities for growth.

February's energy is exciting and dynamic, despite what all the stuffed animal gorillas singing "Heartbreak Hotel" have to say about it.  These tarot activities will hopefully take the edge off all the sickly pink with the sincerity of loving wishes, intimacy, and spiritual growth and renewal.  Remember, now, we love you!

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