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May this issue find that all who celebrated Imbolc have had a blessed one, and those looking forward to Valentine's Day have one filled with the love that it signifies and non-of the empty commercialism that it can sometimes be overwhelmed with.

I really like using the heart from the Waite-Smith 3 of Swords in this month's banner and depicting the wounds on it being healed because I like to think that all the good things about relationships that are celebrated on Valentine's Day could be celebrated every day, and that Valentine's Day could be used not only for couples to "make up" for treating one another badly, but for reaching out to each other (regardless of the type of relationship) in a meaningful way and allowing healing to take place.  All living beings have worth and are worthy of being valued and respected (except for mosquitoes!). :o)

Time to announce the winner of the January Contest!

Congratulations, Ann from Texas, USA!

Ann correctly identified the clip as being from the Hierophant card of the Hudes Tarot.  We have another great contest this month, so be sure to enter, the odds of winning are GREAT!

We have another great issue for you, with articles by Jeanne Fiorini, Frances, Terri C., Flash Silvermoon, and Adrienne Abeyta, with articles by special guests Lisa Cach and Randy Compton, and, as a special Valentine's gift, Kooch Daniels was gracious to provide us with a special Valentine's edition of her Tarot Oracle of Love

Crack open the chocolates and wine and enjoy the issue!

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