Quantum Tarot: Part 2

By Jeanne Fiorini

What does quantum physics have to do with Tarot reading? The idea that these disciplines might share a common bond may sound a bit like attempting to mate a giraffe with a rock, but give it a listen.

Last month’s article set out three important realities of the quantum world, radical ideas which are jumping-off points for anyone interested in how the universe operates, and particularly how those ideas are relevant to the Tarot:

    1. A fundamental tenet of quantum physics is that, at the very base levels of matter, there exists a wavelike ocean of potentialities which physicists have called the unified field. All matter and form arise from this undefined, nebulous net of possibilities and potentials.

    2. Experiments with subatomic particles have proven that at this level of matter, our familiar concepts of physical space and time are irrelevant. Not only has quantum science demonstrated that particles can present themselves as either waves or particles and can exist in two points at the same time, it has produced evidence that not only does past experience influence the present (as we would expect), but that future events can create changes in present reality.

    3. No scientist prior to the 20th century would have given an iota of attention to the ways in which the presence of the scientist /observer might have affected the results of any given experiment. Data was data, facts were facts, and the proof was in the pudding. We are beginning to recognize that reality itself is altered once it is observed, and that whenever an observer changes how they think/perceive a certain reality, that given reality changes right along with it. This means there is no longer any such thing as absolute objective reality …. EVERYTHING is subjective.

All this gives the person working with Tarot or metaphysical realms a great deal of validation!

Let’s start with the idea of the unified field. The unified field is thought of as an ocean of possibilities, a place of pure potential, the space from which all creation emerges….sounds a lot like The Fool card to me. This is a notion akin to cosmic consciousness, the awareness of all that is, all that was and will be, all that can be possible. (This quality of absolute inclusiveness relates to the symbolism of The Fool card’s number Zero: the circle, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.) Since the network of the unified field holds (and births) all of creation, it becomes perfectly natural for us, as an integral part of that network, to be able to access information from other areas within the field. 

The Tarot reader, essentially, “goes fishing” in the unified field for particular bits of information.  We begin the fishing expedition by focusing our conscious attention on the matter at hand. This initial focusing of conscious attention is a crucial part of the process which is often overlooked. Because of the newly-recognized importance of the observer/querent in regards to any given situation, the import of focusing one’s attention upon a matter is primary and pivotal. 

Then, we set conscious intention for the reading through the formulation of the question (or by means of a particular layout) which sets the parameters for what we seek; we then use knowledge of card meanings and intuition to guide interpretation of the cards appearing in response to the query.  When it comes right down to it, we could say that the process of Tarot reading creates a bridge between the unified field and the conscious mind of the reader and of the client. 

Why would this be important, to have a bridge between the conscious mind and the unified field?  Or we could ask it another way: What use is a bridge between what we know (or think we know) and what is possible?

A bridge between consciousness and the unified field benefits us by creating a link to a greater awareness of possibilities, but we must also consider tenet #2 above: The power of what is possible in the future can affect the reality of the present. As readers we know that the Tarot allows us to tap into (and thus perceive consciously) those potentialities contained in the future. (The potentialities of the future are there along with everything else in the unified field.) If is true that future events can create changes in present reality, then to touch base with a potential future enables us to more actively create a present reality we desire. 

Is your head spinning yet?

It’s OK, a spun head is better than an inert head. I’ve often stated that one of the reasons I read Tarot is to engage people in new ways of thinking. It’s not about persuading them to think a certain way, or believe a certain thing, or even to do what is set forth in the reading. It’s about giving the mind another way to consider a particular situation, dilemma, or life issue.

This is a very powerful thing, to foster a shift in perception or to support an alternate world view for another person. To have broadened the perspective of a client from where it was when they walked in the door, even if it’s just a chink in the armor of their perceptions, is a gift that can change lives. 

So, given that the tenets of quantum physics are true: the unified field is the place from which the information in a reading arises; the fact that the future and the present are connected in a self-modifying feedback loop enables us to shape each one with our will and conscious intention.  WOW--what powerful beings we are! And yet we have so narrow a concept of it.

This leads us to the third tenet listed above, the importance of the observer in any given situation. This is a radical notion, that our presence makes a difference, our perspective makes a difference, our emotional input makes a difference, and most importantly, not only do our thoughts make a difference, thoughts create our reality. 

You may be familiar with The Hidden Messages in Water, a 2004 book (referenced in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know) which demonstrated how the molecular structure of water was measurably changed in direct relationship to various thoughts, words, and emotions to which it was exposed. The concept is at once a perfectly acceptable notion and a mind-blowing reality. 

We all recognize that humans have a conscious awareness, as do animals, although many people would consider the latter awareness to be a lesser god. Some of us may be able to think of plants and trees and other living things to have some sort of consciousness or a sense of being. But to be confronted with the truth that even the most basic of elements has a measurable consciousness is quite a startling revelation for most people. 

More importantly and to the point of our discussion, what does this revelation mean for how we live our lives? And what does Tarot have to do with it? The importance of the observer and the intrinsic subjectivity of reality is the topic of next month’s article. Stay tuned!

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