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For all our readers still getting snow and "winter" weather, hang on! Spring is almost here! Every year seems to pass by faster and faster! It seems like the holidays were just passed and now planning for this year's venues is already upon us!

With Easter this month, I can't help but suggest my favorite movie about bunnies…Night of the Lepus which is based on the book The Year of the Angry Rabbit by Russell Braddon. My favorite movie star bunnies next to the awesome white rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You really can't go wrong with bloodthirsty bunnies… giant or not.

Even though it may be hard to, try to find some time to stop and enjoy yourself and those around you. No one ever goes to his or her death bed wishing they had worked more! Avoid regrets later by taking the time now and spending time "investing" in the memories of the future.

Time to announce the winner of the February contest!

Congratulations, Caz from the U.K.!

Caz's guess of The Hierophant from the Lowbrow Tarot by Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon (published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.) was selected at random from many other correct guesses we received. We have a new contest this month, so don't forget to enter!


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