April 2011 Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes feature six different decks.  Each deck is used twice.  See the individual scopes for identification and publisher. - Ed.


Hanged Man (Queen of Wands)

You are in the midst of a spiritual initiation. However, like any journey towards enlightenment, you must first surrender your ego. Be willing to sacrifice control in order to tap into the reservoir of inner riches. Sometimes it’s easier to trust in yourself than you realize. You might just need to be shaken a little to discover this. The path to success is clearer when your vision is aligned with your heart. A dilemma around the 20th could be the cause of internal conflict. Trust your intuition instead of the voice of reason; solutions come by way of insight, not strategy.  

Images from White Light Tarot created and published by Jessica Fisher Willson.


Magician (3 of Pentacles)

You are in a very creative spot this month, especially in terms of generating clever ideas or plans for others. Your natural charisma can be useful for recruiting others or delegating tasks to them, and your receptivity to their talents helps you assist them in practical ways. People will be drawn to you for advice and expertise, but watch that your ego doesn’t get inflated, and that you aren’t dispensing casual opinions. You may also feel called to further your education or training in some area; the last half of the month would be an excellent time for study.

Images from Swiss 1JJ Tarot published by AG Muller for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Lovers (7 of Pentacles) 

You have an important decision to make, but only after you thoughtfully examine what you’ve already cultivated. What you choose is not as important as why you choose it. Though security may be an enticing path, this time greater opportunity resides in the path less traveled. As you contemplate the options of a new endeavor, keep in mind you have only just begun and that there’s still a long, productive road ahead. By the 14th, you will get the answers you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll meet an important person.

Images from sun and moon tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Sun (4 of Wands) 

Happiness and success are on the horizon this month. Something you have energetically invested in will begin to show signs of fruition. Some troublesome situations are getting better, and areas of restriction begin to open up. Be sure to use this fortunate time to your benefit. You’re the star of the show! Let that light inside you glow and your experiences will begin to grow. A mid-month celebration brings you closer to those you love most; reach out and feel the love.

Images from Tarot of the Magical Forest published by Lo Scarabeo and distributed by Llewellyn Worldwide.


Death (10 of Pentacles) 

This month promises to start off with a bang, there is a permanent change involving your family and/or your job; it could be a death, birth, wedding, promotion or dismissal. Allow yourself to flow with this transition because incredible opportunities will emerge. Those who have been seriously considering a major investment, wait until the end of the month to take the plunge. It would be wise to tighten up your finances in preparation for the coming months. Whether it’s feast or famine, you’re going to need it.

Images from Cartomanzia Italiana distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Tower (Ace of Cups)

The waters of your emotional state are soon to be swept into a massive hurricane of commotion. This storm could be brought on by feelings of love, hate, depression, fear or sheer euphoria. The key is not to analyze the conditions, but to assess the areas of your life that are implicated in the storm. Try to move into the eye of this storm in order to see what is true and what is false. The weekend of the 16th will be intense as something will unexpectedly demand your attention. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Images from The Mythic Tarot published by Simon & Schuster.


Emperor (6 of Wands) 

Your hard work and determination will be recognized and rewarded by others.  This reward may come in the form of a promotion, raise or wonderful gift. The plan or project you’ve been working on is ready to be revealed and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how positively it is received. This is also an excellent time to show appreciation to all those hard working people in your life. Work related issues may throw a wrench into your weekend plans of the 9th. Don’t procrastinate or there could be a large price to pay.

Images from White Light Tarot created and published by Jessica Fisher Willson.


Justice (Page of Wands)

Your curiosity may reveal information that you were better off not knowing, and to your dismay, this could drastically challenge a certain situation. You are known for your strong principles and ability to see several angles at once, but you occasionally jump to conclusions as well. Reserve judgment about the situation, or you might accidentally step on your own toes. A love affair will be hot and steamy – and possibly tempestuous and argumentative if you’re not careful! Think before you speak, or you may hurt the very person you love.

Images from Swiss 1JJ Tarot published by AG Muller for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Empress (10 of Cups) 

An emotional situation will finally move into a more stable and positive place. Feelings that have been pushed aside or denied will likely burst open asking for a creative outlet. Your imagination is key to unlocking the doors of opportunity! Nurture yourself both physically and emotionally this month. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature and the effect it has on you. Around the 12th, you’re likely to receive very positive news about someone close to you. For those embroiled in heated family matters, let go of animosity and forgive the issue. 

Images from sun and moon tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Strength (Queen of Cups)

You may feel a little uneasy this month as emotions you thought were under control begin to roar for attention. Rather than rejecting this vulnerable side of yourself, allow it free expression. There are valuable lessons in love and personal success when you acknowledge your feelings. Someone may play the catalyst for igniting these impassioned feelings. Be open to what happens, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. The weekend of the 23rd will likely trigger old emotional wounds. If you disregard them, they may end up consuming you in ways beyond your control. 

Images from Tarot of the Magical Forest published by Lo Scarabeo and distributed by Llewellyn Worldwide.


Star (3 of Swords)

Your faith will be tested in a rather convoluted way as something or someone you least expect will betray you. On the surface, there is sorrow and frustration, but if you look deeper, you’ll find a glimmer of hope. Your desire for a more meaningful life requires you to sacrifice areas of established security. Now, whether you’re ready or not, those sacrifices are being made for you. The beginning of the month ushers in the first of three tests. Don’t spend too much time grieving what is lost; pick up the pieces and move forward. 

Images from Cartomanzia Italiana distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Chariot (Knight of Pentacles) 

Power struggles become an issue for you now, and though it appears outwardly directed, there are inward qualities that require adjustment. A stubborn force may be to blame for standing in the way of action—that stubborn force is you! Enough stewing over who did what; find the courage to confront your fears. At the end of the month you will be challenged in a way that asks you step into the role of the hero. This is no time to delay—use your resources wisely, and be kind to your body!

Images from The Mythic Tarot published by Simon & Schuster.

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