Today's Journey Tarot Seven Card Merkaba Spread

By Expanding Dimensions

A Merkaba is a three dimensional six pointed star. It consists of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra (pyramids) with a common center, where one tetrahedron points up and the other down. “Mer” means light. “Ka” means spirit. “Ba” means body. The Merkaba is a spirit body of light. It is a vehicle for enlightenment. The creators of Today’s Journey Tarot, Expanding Dimensions chose this symbol as a layout diagram when designing a spread to accompany their deck because the layout serves as the vehicle to the Tarot’s wisdom. 

We also wanted a spread that was easy to use and understand and that would focus on a single issue, question or situation highlighting the positive or negative influences which should be addressed. The layout can be adapted for any type of reading. 

All cards in the spread are placed in an upright position. There are no reverse meanings with this layout. The cards have both positive and negative aspects just like everything else in life. A reversed card puts more emphasis on the negative than is necessary. A client, seeing a reversed card can close off their energy from the reader out of fear. Most people automatically assume that an upside down card is not good. It is up to the reader to discern how the card and position are interpreted.

Merkaba scan for article

Position One is Essence. The theme of the reading identifying the central question or situation. It defines the issue. This position defines what is going on right now in the client’s life and focuses on that concern or question. 

Position Two is Experience. How the past is now affecting the Essence. The events revealed in this position may have recently occurred or may have happened so long ago that they are no longer remembered but are still impacting the client.  

Position Three is Influence. What is presently influencing the person, situation or course of events. It is the environment or energy around the client. This could include where they live or work. It could also include the influence of family, friends, or coworkers and those people’s attitudes, opinions and beliefs. 

Position Four is Opportunity. The growth offered through opportunities which are about to enter the client’s life. These possibilities to advance or progress could be an obstacle to overcome or a positive event to take advantage of. It is up to the client whether or not to accept the opportunities. 

Position Five is Potential. The probabilities if action is taken and the growth offered in Position Four is accepted. It expands the Opportunity into new possibilities. 

Position Six is Progression. The result of your growth. This is the new path that you are creating. It is the movement toward Manifestation

Position Seven is Manifestation. This is the outcome. This is where the new path you are creating leads. 

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