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Spring has sprung! Daffodils, tulips and primroses are peaking out from every where. I hope you have an opportunity to get out see a little bit of the beauty of the season.


“April hath put the spirit of youth in everything .”

-William Shakespeare


Drumroll please…

The correct answer for the contest was the Unknown card from the Crystal Visions Tarot and it was found on the TarotScopes page.

Congratulations to our March contest winner, Laura from South Carolina!  We hope your enjoy your gift card!

Be sure to check out our contest page in this issue for your chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!


This month we have a packed issue! Hope you enjoy it! Here is what you will find inside: Laila has written an article titled, "A Tarot Look at Money," Wayne submitted “Inner Life of Tarot. Diane took a look at the Botanical Inspiration deck and shares her thoughts.

We also have the Craft Corner, Frolicking Fae, TarotScopes, and why not grab your favorite spring deck and try the Spread of the Month!


The splash image for this issue is from the tulip fields in Skagit County, in Western Washington (state). 

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