May Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

I can see that May will be a much kinder and gentler month than April but as most of you have experience,d unless you were absolutely sleep walking, that wouldn't take much.

First let me thank all of you who sent your thoughtful and heartfelt condolences for the loss of my beautiful Appaloosa Mare Goddess Chinamoon. We all but up a profoundly brave fight to save her and in the end, I had to do the only kind thing left for my dearest friend. Now she flies with her ancient herd over Moonhaven and everywhere. Still so hard to look out my window and not see her face or her greeting me at the gate.

I knew we were all in for major changes but this one was the harshest and came from out of nowhere or so it seemed. Mercury is now finally out of retrograde which means that so many of the puzzles that have been eluding us will at least be resolved or understood.

I do not know anyone who breezed through April without some serious curves and the local and global affairs seem to mirror that with all matter of revolutions, weather and politrix sending shock waves everywhere.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 2 PST or 3 EST should have a stabilizing effect on us all and may even put a cap on rising fuel prices for a little while at least and provide a measure of sanity that the world is not flying off its collective axis. This does not mean that all is totally well but this may be our moment to exhale and just breathe.

We need these bits of respite between crisis to catch our breadth and then prepare for the next waves that may or may not be unsettling.

We begin the month with another Arian pile up of planets starting with Uranus at 2 Aries followed by the conjunction of Venus and Mercury. This suggests that communication is key an that you may find some new  and better ways to share. With Mars and Jupiter conjoined in later Aries the potential is there for political megalomaniacs of every stripe to want to make their demands and be rather belligerent. For us regular folks, we may have more energy than we know what to do with and see ourselves as invincible which may create many injuries particular to our over worked muscles. I bet you know a lot of folks with injuries too.

Taking it easy on all levels might be wise advice for this month and when the energy feels too much, best to find a positive outlet so that you do use the energy and not have it use you. Just works better that way.By May 11, Mars will enter Taurus and we should see and feel less aggressive energies running the show on all levels. 

The economy may temporarily stabilize but by the end of the month all bets are off. We will feel the urge to cultivate new projects and the very ground that we live on as the Moon becomes full and our desire to bring things to fruition grows as well. There are some things that we can count on and Taurian energy can be just that.

The Arian planetary pileup that started the month has mostly shifted into Taurus by the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th adding an air of sensuality to everything! Making love instead of war might just  make a come back this month and  wouldn't that be welcome.

Serious truth telling about the water and our oceans will start to  bubble to the surface like nasty oil balls on the Gulf shores. I ask you. How safe can the seafood really be? How safe can the water and air and products from Japan really be? How safe is the West Coast, REALLY!!  We cannot be lulled into apathy and we cannot be continually shocked into fear and panic. Saturn in Libra may well offer us the balance that we so badly need

Look also at the outer planets. Uranus in Aries will shine the light of Truth if we have the courage to look and then make our plans accordingly. Neptune in Pisces reminds of the power of Spirit to guide us in these difficult  times on the material plane and that the material plane is not the only game in town and that our relationship with the Goddess or God of our choosing can be a comfort, not just an opiate.

Uranian energies make everything feel so unstable and unpredictable while Neptune soothes our frayed nerves and reminds us that there is a very cosmic unseen world with an agenda as well for the well being of the planet. Neptune offers us the flexibility to make  changes and adapt  to all the new energies that are saturating our world.

Pluto in Capricorn lets us know in no uncertain terms that the corporate Patriarchy as we know it is being brought down by its own dysfunction and the inequities of the past cannot and will not continue. The Illuninati and shadow governments can try to squash the multitudes of rebellions globally and foster others where peace exists but the power of the people and the momentum of true change is universal and unstoppable. Pluto in Capricorn is literally about changing our structures from the bottom up, no band aid cures here,

The planetary message from the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is basically that sweeping changes are happening and we need the bravery, clarity, flexibility,and spirituality to roll with it keeping an open heart to guide others through this challenging passage.


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