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Happy Mother’s Day & Memorial Day!

First, I would like to thank everyone for their patience for the lack of an issue during the month of April as we transitioned from one editor to the next. I am excited to be taking the reigns of Tarot Reflections.  I recognize that I have big shoes to fill and hope to do so well.

I am happy to have the opportunity to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  You are all amazing whether you birthed your children or not.  Mothering can be a challenge, no matter what.

I also want to acknowledge all of those military service people both past and present. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated, for without you we are nothing.

I also want to recognize and thank my friend, Tabitha Chamberlain for coming on board as Assistant Editor. Glad to have you on board, Tabi!

Congratulations to our winner from the March contest, Brian Thompson, New York City!

Be sure to check out this month’s contest for your chance to win, too!

We have fun issue this month, hope you enjoy it!

Terri Clement

Terri and I are both excited to have the honor to continue on with Tarot Reflections.  Being new to this and wanting to provide you the reader with the best possible newsletter that we can; we would greatly appreciate feedback, encouragement, and of course what you want to see in the future!

Tabitha Chamberlain
Assistant Editor

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