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Summer is almost upon us and schools are out!  It's hard to believe that the year is nearly half over!  For Tarot readers, the summer brings opportunities to read at outside venues such as farmers' markets, concerts, fairs, Renaissance Festivals, and more!  Reading opportunities abound!  I, for one, am looking forward to reading at a local Renaissance Festival during the last weekend in June.  Hopefully it won't be 106 and 110 degrees this year!

Now for the announcement of our May contest winner, who correctly guessed that the snippet was from the 3 of Coins card of Nigel Jackson's new Rumi Tarot!

Congratulations, Valerie Aikens from Princeton, Kentucky!

A new contest starts this month, so you have nothing to lose and cool stuff to gain if you play... so enter today!

I'd like to take this opportunity to make an announcement.  I know several people have asked for PDF versions of Gary's lessons over the past few months while the software developers work out issues with downloading PDFs.  We always fill these requests within a day or two of receipt.  The reason I mention this is because some people who have requested the PDFs have blocks that require we fill out something in order to get "approval" to be on the email list.  Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to actually go through that process, so please, please, please IF you have requested PDFs and have not heard from us, this is why.  ADD OR to your lists of APPROVED email addresses so we can send out your PDFs!

Speaking of PDFs, Gary has another great column for us on dealing with Court cards!  Melanie Harris brings us an interview with Robert M. Place (who I got the honor of meeting at Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone's 2009 Reader's Studio - he's awesome!) who discusses his new Vampire Tarot, and Jeanne Fiorini shares another "Piece of her Mind" with us as she considers perceptions (I also had the honor of meeting Jeanne at the Reader's Studio... what a very cool lady!). Terri C. shares a June message from the Enchanted Oracle, Leean Lester talks colors and Adrienne Abeyta bring us a new June forecast!

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