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Summer is here... well, maybe not quite here, but close enough!  Great weather has us all outside enjoying sports, gardening, traveling or a myriad of other activities.  As I was sitting on my deck enjoying the unusual sight of puffy white clouds (I live in the high desert so we usually have NO clouds) against a beautiful blue sky, I thought about how many of us, as inhabitants of this planet, take it for granted.

The oil drilling disaster in the Gulf haunts me, not because of the tragic destruction of an ecosystem, nor the equally tragic devastation to the personal and state economies of every state that borders it, but because the governments and businesses associated with making the decisions on whether to drill offshore are going to continue to drill offshore... using the same dangerous equipment and techniques that were used in this case... using the same flawed agencies and requirements that were used in this case.  

While we are outside this summer having fun, let's all take the opportunity to do something to help the planet and give back to it.  Earth Day is great, but it is just a day long.  Let's each of us make every day an Earth Day by doing something every day to make our planet a better place.  It doesn't have to be big--my husband and I take trash bags with us when we walk in the park and pick up trash we find.  When we picnic or camp, we leave the site we used as we found it.  Use mass transit one day out of the week... and let all of us write our government officials to let them know that we won't tolerate any more of these disasters.  Let's treat Mother Earth as the precious gift she is every day.

Now, let's talk about some good news.  First, the announcement of the winner of May's Contest!

Congratulations to Chantal aka "WolfyJames" from Quebec, Canada!

She correctly guessed the clip was from the Moon card from the Golden Tarot of Klimt.  New contest this month, so be sure to enter for your chance to win!  The odds are great!

We also welcome back Melanie Marquis, who was busy working on her book while she was away.  She files an interview with Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, the creator of the new Shadowscapes Tarot published by Llewellyn.  We've got some other great stuff in this issue, too, so enjoy!

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