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Summer is upon us! Based on the time of the year and the latest antics from our own Sun, is it any wonder that THE SUN card springs to mind? I can’t think of a better Tarot card to sum up how the majority of people think of summer. Sunshine and fun times! Well, maybe not for communications right now, but the Northern Lights should be spectacular for the next day or so.

I have to admit that spring and summer are not my favorite times of the year. As someone with seasonal allergies and a sensitivity to several types of insect bites (not in a life threatening way), spring and summer represent sinus headaches and perpetual pains in various places. Don’t get me started on Daylight Savings Time! My body clock refuses to acknowledge the jump forward so I am also perpetually sleep deprived until I get that hour back in the fall! That said, I also have a convertible, so it isn’t all bug bites and sinus headaches for me.

Usually, this is where I announce the winner of the previous month’s contest. However, because we took the month of April off and the May issue was very late coming out, we made the decision to have the May contest run at the same time as the June contest. So, while there is no winner announcement this month, there will TWO winners announced in the July issue! Don’t forget to play! You don’t have to be an ATA member and you don’t have to be located in the United States. The odds of winning are great, too! 

This month, we have a treat as Kerri S. McIntire of Witch Hazel Press is sharing the birth of her new Tarot deck with us! She’s provided a few cards and descriptions to get us excited about it, so be sure to check her article out!

The image used for this month’s splash page and the banner at the top of the issue is an image of the second X-class solar flare on June 10, 2014 as captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory in the 193-angstrom wavelength, which they colorize in yellow. Image credit: NASA/SDO.

Enjoy the issue, the extra daylight, and the nice weather!

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