June Tarot Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta


Lovers (5 of Cups)

While emotions certainly color your perspective, they are also an important signaling system. Before you can even consciously decide something, your emotions have appraised the situation as good or bad. It is the second appraisal that employs the rational part of the mind in the decision making process. However, when you remain attached to the primary emotion, you look for reinforcing cues, particularly in experiences that threaten your safety. In other words, what you fear most, clouds your better judgment and ability to see other options. This month the focus turns to loss and regret. You have an important choice ahead of you, and although you may have endured an emotional set-back, your extended visit with the pain needs to be cut short. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, begin to recognize what is left. There are valuable resources that will support your next step. Even if you’re unable to control the loss, you’re always capable of reframing your views about it. The choice is yours. 

Images from The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie and published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD.


Tower (7 of Wands) 

Have you ever noticed how proud you are of your beliefs and convictions? Stand for something or fall for anything. In our society there is a strong emphasis on finding the truth and living accordingly. Religion, education and governmental systems are built on this premise. The problem with this however, is that there isn’t much flexibility, and even worse there is an over identification with theories that alienate entire groups of people. If you’re ‘right’ makes another ‘wrong,’ you encounter an impasse that typically causes the opponents to dig their heels in even deeper. Of course people have differing views about the world, but when those views are limited to a small sampling of the human experience, there is bound to be a crisis that challenges the belief system. The inevitable crash can be an opportunity to expand your mind, develop patience and tolerance, and attain humility. Brace yourself, you’re about to experience a crash course in alternative learning. 

Images from the Zombie Tarot by Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni, and Stacey Graham, published by Quirk Books.


Devil (6 of Wands) 

Confidence when unchecked can easily turn to pride, ironically, an extreme lack of confidence is also a form of self fixation. The difference, however, is that the latter is usually measured by the invisible opinions of what others might think. The attempt to gain validation and recognition in the eyes of others is an effort to bolster your own ego. In either case, your attention is narrowly focused on self rather than others. It’s important to find the middle ground between a healthy and grandiose ego. Self- love is most easily attained when you use the self as a vehicle to experience the whole. A healthy ego refrains from comparisons and one-ups. It finds pleasure in the success of everyone and it doesn’t become bruised by criticism. Take note of how and where you gain most of your confidence. Is it externally dependent or quietly self-fulfilling? Practice uplifting others rather than seeking praise for yourself, and finally, observe your ego when you make a mistake. Chances are this will be the most vulnerable area. 

Images from the Hexen 2.0 Tarot by Suzanne Treister and published by Black Dog Publishing.


Sun (10 of Swords) 

The sunshine never looks so radiant than after a period of darkness or feels so warm than after a storm. Similarly, an appreciation for life is often seen through contrast. Once you’ve experienced sorrow, joy is even more wonderful; failure makes success greater; and loss leads to a treasured feeling of love. It reasons then that some of the most difficult experiences are responsible for the heightened appreciation of life. What if you could reframe your struggles as opportunities in disguise? Might you relate differently to your circumstances? Instead of being angry, resistant, or afraid, you could fill your heart with an acceptance of what is. Consider how much more influence you could have over your perspective, and not in a fanciful way, but in a meaningful way. Practice nonjudgment and acceptance when dealing with any of your hardships. Remain curious and open and by all means, let go of your suffering. The result will be amazing.

Images from The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie and published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD.


Strength (8 of Pentacles)

Self-discipline and compassion go hand in hand this month as you strive to overcome a major challenge or stick to a seemingly hopeless goal. No good will come from beating yourself up, nor will anything get accomplished if you slack off. Hard work is measured more by your ability to tolerate stress than it is to produce tangible results. You are a model for those around you as well, so be mindful of how you conduct yourself. Throwing a tantrum of any kind will result in further consequences. Be kind to yourself while you endure the monotony of routine. When what you’re investing in pays off, be sure to celebrate in an elaborate fashion. After all this, you’re really going to earn this one. Those who’ve been involved in schooling or an internship, you’re almost finished. See the light at the end of the tunnel? Be proud of yourself for this accomplishment. 

Images from the Zombie Tarot by Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni, and Stacey Graham, published by Quirk Books.


Fool (Ace of Swords) 

Funny how one new idea can throw your life into a tail spin. It speaks to the power of the imagination how easy it is to believe something simply because it’s occupying space in your head. How many times have you jumped into something new and unknown because of a hunch? At first you might consider this question in the context of something tangible, like a job, a relationship, a trip, or an impulsive purchase. But consider more thoroughly how a minor suspicion or an intuition has taken hold of you and turned an innocuous thought into a full blown fear. The sharp distinctions that are formed like, “if I___ then ____.” You can fill in the blanks with anything. The point is that you limit the possibilities when you reduce yourself to black and white thinking. Be the observer of your mind this month. If you react too quickly to a passing idea, you will find yourself in uncharted terrain faster than you can say…….

Images from the Hexen 2.0 Tarot by Suzanne Treister and published by Black Dog Publishing.


Hierophant (Queen of Cups)

Learning how to make sense of your feelings may not always be an easy task. Feelings by nature do not follow the same logic that the meaning -making mind does.  Mediation between these two functions lies in your ability to dialogue with your feelings. As a feeling arises, you simply notice it, paying attention to any images that accompany it and then the thoughts that are attached to it. The dialogue then becomes about whether what your mind tells you holds truth for you in the present. The mind wants conclusions while feelings want space to flow. Don’t be quick to draw conclusions where perhaps there is more to explore. Trust your process of reflection even if it doesn’t lead to logical answers. For those who rely heavily on the mind, you might want to seek guidance at this time to help you understand the nuances of your emotional world. 

Images from The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie and published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD.


Emperor (Ace of Cups)

Nurturing has two faces: one that aims to alleviate your pain through loving support, that holds you up when you need help, that encourages you to be comfortable being you; then, there is the other face that empowers you to continue on in spite of difficulty, that inspires you to learn from your mistakes, and that teaches you how to be a productive member of society. The second face is the one you’ll need to adopt this month, either toward yourself or another. Take a loving and purposeful stance as you nurture. Something emotional needs to be contained so as to be safe enough to process.  A strong male presence in your life will also be responsible for either conjuring up emotional feelings or being the support you need while experiencing a heavy dose of them. There is something quite beautiful in the tenderness of strength. Allow yourself to experience this and give in to the power emotion generates.

Images from the Zombie Tarot by Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni, and Stacey Graham, published by Quirk Books.


Empress (10 of Pentacles) 

The bounty of life is measured by what you consider to be most valuable. Success and achievement are the pinnacles of hard work and devotion. It’s tricky however, when what you aspire for to bring success, actually doesn’t, even when that success is complemented by money, status and other tangible luxuries. Ask yourself whether these values are enough to satisfy your heart? Is this what you’ll remember in the last minutes of your life? Surely, they bring pleasure, freedom and security, but what meaning do they add to your life? As social beings, we all need to feel connected, to feel a part of, to love and be loved. Take a special interest in your family this month. Be it your nuclear or extended family, your friendships and colleagues, your environment and animal friends, or humanity on a whole. Measure your bounty there and be honest about how devoted you are to achieving relational success.  

Images from the Hexen 2.0 Tarot by Suzanne Treister and published by Black Dog Publishing.


High Priestess (2 of Wands)

Confusion sets in this month as you are faced with a decision to take a risk or stay settled. This choice is not as obvious as it sounds though. The lead up to this begins with the fluctuation of your mood. Your certitude and usually sensible mind will find it difficult to grasp at the traces of uncertainty. A circumstance you’ve become accustomed to will also show signs of insecurity and while your first impulse might be to fix it, it’s better to be patient and attuned to your inner world. Pay attention to your dreams and fantasies because they hold elements of your subconscious that you’ll need access to for making this decision. In the area of love, your relationship is leading to a change of course. Be open to the possibilities ahead. In the area of work, a recent mistake may be the catalyst for a big change. Secrets that have been tucked away gradually come creeping out. Ready or not, here it comes. 

Images from The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie and published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD.


World (4 of Cups)

What better way to cure the blues than to fill your mind with gratitude. Even if you’re not feeling blue, focusing on what your thankful for sends positive vibrations out into the universe like a boomerang. In spite of your recent lull, this month will usher in a resolution that should bring peace to your mind. Be careful not to overlook an opportunity simply because it doesn’t fit all of your expectations. It’s only the beginning of more to come. If you’re too busy counting all the ways it could be better, you’ll miss something quite extraordinary. You ambitious types, be sure tie up loose ends. You’re about to reap the benefits of a goal long in the making. Take the time to check in on someone you know who’s having a hard time. There will be many chances to offer your talents and services to others in need. If you feel moved to give back, now’s your chance.

Images from the Zombie Tarot by Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni, and Stacey Graham, published by Quirk Books.


Justice (2 of Cups)

The concept of fair is relative, and so long as you expect others to concede to your idea of fairness, you will be disappointed. Surely there are universal and moral codes of right and wrong (which are also blurred in many cases) but ultimately, fair is an agreement between the parties involved. In a relationship, there are pre-established terms of engagement that most assume are universal – like monogamy as a measurement of commitment and love. Many issues in relationships revolve around these so-called terms, and rarely if ever are they questioned or re-established.  If you want to have a balanced and equal relationship, set-up your own code of ethics, come up with your own agreements. Don’t let society, religion or your family dictate the kind of relationship you and your partner should have. It’s your relationship! Now, of course, staying true to your values is important, too but don’t be afraid to negotiate. You may surprise yourself when it comes to compromise.

Images from the Hexen 2.0 Tarot by Suzanne Treister and published by Black Dog Publishing.

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