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Travel Altar - Cigar box with Griffins
By Cheryl Ann Gardiner

This Travel Altar comes in handy from time to time! The fun it takes to put together, along with being so small – makes it even more the better!

2016-10-19 Griffin Travel Altar

I found the Cigar Box at one of our local smoke shops.   From there it just took off and came together very nicely.  The cover of the box included 2 Griffins (Griffon, Gryphon). They portray a mythical animal considered to be correspondent to the Spirit Element.  

The Griffin in mythical terms is said to have spiritual clarity, faith, and understanding.   The Griffin has the head of an Eagle (Air Element - East, Spring) and the body of a lion (Fire Element - South, Summer) and the tail of a snake (Rebirth, resurrection, initiation, and wisdom.  The lion can mean - concentration, the release of stress, relation, family strength. The eagle - wisdom and long life, keen sight, knowledge of Magick and swiftness, the eagle is a strong ally when traveling into new territory.

I found the cream colored and the multi-colored green silk cloths at the thrift store. The cone incense burner is whitish cream with greenish, brownish flower designs - it is a Fukagawa and is Japanese, it matches the silk cloths perfectly!  The two small pillar/chime candle holders are brass and were made in Israel.  There is a beautiful brownish-green wishing stone with a white line all the way around it. It is said if the line doesn’t reach all the way around the stone; it is not a wishing stone. 

The salt (
Earth Element - North) oblong holder is made of clay and there is kosher salt in a baggy to use during traveling. Earth may be represented on an altar by stones or crystals, a bowl of salt or soil. Colors used to represent air can include dark earthy colors, such and brown and black and green.

I found
a feather – (Air Element – East) October 22nd, 2016. It is a possibility a pigeon (messages, love) feather - black, gray and white.

Candle (Fire Element - South)
colors I added are white
and green; white representing:  purity, safety, protection, transformation, enlightenment, connection to higher self, becoming more outgoing, relieving shyness, the cycle of life, freedom, health, initiation. Light green, not a dark green, for emotional healing, emotional protection, calming, prosperity, fertility, success, abundance, growth, and personal goals. This candle color also helps maintain balance, motivates learning, generosity, renewal, marriage, and fairy magick. (4th Chakra - which is the Heart Chakra)

For (Water Element - West) – I found a spiral seashell! 

There we have everything we need on a warm evening ritual or any ritual at that! All started with the finding of the Cigar Box with the Two Griffons! 

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