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Happy 4th of July, everyone!  Even if you don't celebrate the Fourth, it makes a great time to think about the good things in life and the freedoms that some of us are blessed with -- and to think of those who aren't so lucky.

I'm pleased to announce that we have our first "International" contest winner!  The June contest answer was the 9 of Cups from the Traumzeit-Tarot, and our winner is:

Sara Donaldson, who lives near Thurso, Scotland!

A new Traumzeit-Tarot and a CD, Evolutions of Stefan Buckhusan's music is on its way to you!  Congratulations!

We have another new contest this month, for a copy of the much anticipated Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza, whom Melanie will be interviewing for next month's issue.  Speaking of Melanie, she had the good fortune to be able to attend the INATS-West show in Denver and, in lieu of an interview this month, she will be giving us a report on all the cool stuff she saw there -- and people she met!  Her husband, Andrew, fills in for her and pens this month's Pardon the Hanged Man article -- we think he did a great job, too!  We have an inaugural article by Leean Lester (The Soothsayer's Corner), as well as articles by our regulars, Adrienne Abeyta, Terri C., Walks With Thunder, Jeanne Fiorini, Gary Meister, and Peggy Firth.  

For several months, I have been thinking about how to implement a calendar of events in TR for the benefit of everyone.  I discovered that there already is an AMAZING and international Tarot calendar available online, so I decided that I would not reinvent the wheel but instead contact Amy Lamash, who is the creator and administrator of the International Tarot Calendar ( and ask if we can link to her site... she said, "Yes" so I'm thrilled to announce that we will be linking to her site on the Fun, Games, & Community page.  You would not believe how many Tarot-oriented events, telecons, workshops, classes, etc., happen worldwide during any given month... awesome!  Amy provides a phenomenal service!

We are also going to continue the comment feature at the bottom of most of the articles so please, feel free to leave feedback and comments for your favorite articles!

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