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It is hard to say "Happy Summer" with all that is going on right now.  As just a couple of the biggies, the northeastern U.S. is dealing with sweltering temperatures and there is the ongoing horror in the Gulf with the BP oil spill as it continues to spread.

There are some things to be happy about though.  Anyone who was rooting for Spain in the World Cup was not disappointed, U.S. citizens celebrated the 4th of July and most workers received a paid holiday and took some time off of work to celebrate or travel on vacations.  So many people were gone from the area I work at that there hasn't been any rush hour traffic either way in two weeks!

I chose the image this month to represent that while some of us are going through rough patches and all seems dark and menacing, there is light coming.  Life is very much the Wheel of Fortune... not something to be spun and an outcome landed on, but to roll with, in a continuous movement and combination of ups and down... neither one or the other completely.  So if you are in a mostly bad-little good patch, focus on and try to manifest the positive... we all send good, positive energy your way!

Another good bit of news for me to share is to congratulate the winner of the June contest!  

Congratulations, Elfgoddess/Janice Cooley from London, UK!!!

She correctly guessed the clip was card 19 Amara the Menehune of the Oracle of Shadows & Light published by Blue Angel Publishing and available through U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Have a great July and enjoy the issue!

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