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Does your cup runneth over? Mine has been and sometimes even when we do what we love, it can get out of hand. Like when that cat hoarding lady takes in those first few cats, full of good intentions. Things can get out of hand very quickly if we aren't careful. It isn't selfish to take a time out and recharge yourself, and taking time during the summer when the weather is mostly nice offers an excellent opportunity to do something you enjoy. Go for it!

Now is the time that we normally announce the winner of the monthly contest, but we haven't heard back from the winner yet. So we will be instituting a new policy that will give the winner of the contest until the deadline of the next contest to reply to our congratulatory email before we choose another winner from that month's contest. So our winner has until the deadline of this month's contest to reply before we pick another winner from the June contest. So, if you entered the June contest, check your email's spam folder, junk mail, trash, etc., to see if you have received an email from us regarding the contest! The clip was from the 4 of Swords card from the Inner Realms Tarot by Saleire published by Schiffer Publishing.

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Don't forget to register for the upcoming San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS) coming up next month! It's always a fun time with lots of amazing presentations and this year is particularly exciting because it has a new "Bat Time:" August 17th & 18th -- and new "Bat Place:" the San Jose DoubleTree Hotel. Register and find out more information on the Daughters of Divination (DoD) website: and click on the SF BATS links. Just added: Thalassa has an Indigogo campaign to help fund SF BATS this year! Check it out:! The perks are great and the cause is awesome!

Enjoy the issue!

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