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A lot of things have been going on this month as summer moves full steam ahead! Fourth of July celebrations for the U.S. and World Cup games in Brazil are a few of the happier ones. Thoughts and prayers go out to people who are victims of the darker side of summer that brings sweltering heat, severe storms and devastating fires. Let’s keep an eye on each other and help when and where we can all year long. The causes of hardship can vary, but the resultant needs are the same. Give blood, donate to a support charity or food bank, participate in a fundraiser or other activity to help out and raise awareness. No one can do everything, but we can all do a little that can really add up!

On a lighter note, we have not one, but 2 contest winners to announce in this issue :-)

Congratulations, Lamees from Portland, Oregon!

Congratulations, Angie Pimpedly from Gibraltar, Michigan!

Don’t forget to enter this month’s contest for your chance to win! The odds of winning are great, and you don’t have to be a member of the ATA!

Enjoy the issue!

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