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Lavender Wands
By Terri Clement

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Lavender wands have been used for centuries as a pretty and effective way to use the fragrance of lavender. These decorative wands can be placed in drawers, hung on lamps, door knobs. They can be hung near windows so the breeze can carry the scent into the room and also help keep bugs away. These can also be put on a nightstand or placed in between bed linens to help induce sleep. ...and they are fun to make!



7 – 15 lavender buds with long stems (an odd number for weaving purposes).
2 yards of ½” ribbon (spooled with a rubber band)
A pair of scissors
A toothpick
A spoon
A rubber band

Step 1:  Remove leaves and any low blossoms from stems.


Step 2: For a long slender wand, lay the lavender stems with flowers staggered in two rows. For a short and fat wand, line the flowers up in an even row.


Step 3:
 Tie the ribbon tight around the stems at the base of the flowers leaving a 10” tail for the knotting.



Step 4:  Using the spoon gently squish the stems up close to the ribbon. This will help you bend the stems without breaking them.

Step 5:
  Gently bend the stems from the base of the flowers, bringing them up and over the top of the flowers creating a frame around them. Pull the ribbon up alongside the flowers and out and out the bottom, in between two stems.


Step 6:
 Weave the spool end of the ribbon in an over under pattern through the stems. If buds or flowers poke their way out, use the toothpick and poke them back in place. Keep weaving until you reach where the flowers end. Go back to the top and pull the ribbon tight by taking up the slack and working all the way to the bottom. The ribbon should be snug. The lavender will shrink as it dries, so make sure the weave is tight.


Step 7:  Wrap the spool end of the ribbon around the base a few times then knot off with the tail and tie in a bow. Snip stem ends to even them up.


- Let dry a couple of weeks before placing in drawers near fabric.
- If weave feels loose after a couple of days, tighten again using a partially open paperclip to help grab the ribbon.

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Have fun crafting!

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