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What a strange summer we have been having in the United States!  Record hot temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and record cool temps in the East.  My August has started off with a bang as my son and husband left on vacation the first week, leaving me to care for the animals... 3 cats, 2 chinchillas, and a miniature, long-haired dachshund.  I could handle the fact that one of the cats is elderly and infirm, but not the baby chinchilla that surprisingly appeared in the chinchilla cage a few days after everyone left.  Apparently, the female pair my son and his girlfriend got, weren't all female!  My stress was compounded the next day when the new baby disappeared and I had to clear out most of my son's room to find the precocious little bugger.  This story has a happy ending as I was able to locate the little one and procure an escape proof enclosure for mom and baby.  My fingers are crossed that the rest of the month is calm and boring :o)

Speaking of surprises, I got the opportunity to surprise the winner of our July contest!

Congratulations, Scotti Cohn of Bloomington, Illinois!

The image was from the Strength card from the Gaian Tarot deck.  Be sure to enter this month's contest!

No big surprises this month as we offer up articles from our regular contributors, Jeanne Fiorini and Leean Lester.  Gary Meister is starting a new class on Tarot and Kabbalah, Melanie Marquis brings us an interview with Lisa Hunt, creator of the Fairy Tale Tarot and Terri C. shares a recipe with us.

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