August 2010 Frolicking Fae

By Terri C.

Messages from the Wee Folk Oracle

As I sit to write the message for this month, I realize that we are already experiencing fall like weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have marine air in the mornings, sometimes accompanied by light fog, which either burns off around mid-day or leans towards our more traditional “Seattle Mist.”  The other night while tending to my garden, I spotted some bright red leaves, where I should be seeing dark green.  It even smells like fall.  I hope that my garden actually produces something this year.  :/ This is strange weather, for us, especially when the rest of the country seems to be sweating it out.

As we start looking at the message from the Fae this month, I pull two cards, the message that comes out loud and clear is be true to yourself, and if you fail, tomorrow is a new day.  The Fae are reminding us that now is a good time to examine who we are, what our belief systems are and what we are attracting to us.  It might be a good time to sit down and write out what it is that we truly want.  Start by just making a list.  Then ask the universe (God, your angels, the Fae ) to provide those things.  Then allow those things to come to you.  The final step here is to raise your vibration.  Bring yourself into alignment with the universe.  One way we can do this is by doing something simple that makes you truly happy, at the soul level, or taking yourself to a place in your memory databank where you were truly happy.  By doing these three simple things, what you have asked for is already on its way to you.

The Wee Folk also suggest that you start out each day by expressing gratitude.  This should happen before you even set foot out of bed in the morning (or when ever it is that you get up, for you night owls).  By making the expression of gratitude your first thoughts of the day, this sets you up to receive more of the same.

For those of you doing shadow work this month, the Fae recommend taking yourself on several visual meditations this month, each time taking yourself a little closer to your fear.  They also recommend that when you are ready to confront that fear (during your mediation), that you take a companion along with you.  This might be an imaginary friend from your childhood, one of your favorite Fae, Arch-Angel Michael or someone of the like.  This companion should not confront the fear for you, but to encourage you to see that what you are so fearful of is not what it seems.  Think of this companion as your personal cheerleader.

This month, you might also find yourself in the position of asking or giving forgiveness to a close friend.  This friendship is worth maintaining, it is best to either make a sincere apology and change your behavior or accept the apology you are receiving, unconditionally.  Then wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  You both deserve the fresh start.

A nice stone to carry this month is the Green Aventurine.

August 2010 Frolicking Fae

This stone is like the four leaf clover of the mineral kingdom.  It is an excellent all around healer.  It helps bring in good fortune, money, abundance and overall happiness.  It also resonates with the heart chakra.  It also can be used to minimize environmental pollution, such as the energetic garbage that comes off of cell phones and computers.

As always, I hope you find that this message, from the Fae helps guide you through the ups and downs of this month!  Remember, to say a special little thank you, to our Fae Friends, for the guidance, insight and entertainment!

See you again, next month and keep the faith!

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