August Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

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The lions roar as we burst into hot steamy August with a Full Moon in Aquariius on the first day! The Moon is playful and very sociable in Aquarius and the natural opposition between Leo and Aquarius can blend the heart fullness of Leo with the more ingenious yet detached Aquarian. Leo really grooves on one on one romantic love and creativity while Aquarius feels drawn to community action and the love for the Planet. This of course does not mean that either one can't gravitate toward the other's qualities. Thankfully this should be a gentler month with wonderful energies to share and create on many levels.

Within any  of the oppositions between signs such as Cancer which is opposite Capricorn, Aries which is opposite Libra etc, a blending can occur which positively can bring out the best in both signs as they moderate each other and, of course, at the worst they pull and frustrate both energies.

This Full Moon trines Mars as it progresses and that just might encourage some peace and harmony for awhile which would be a lovely thing. Ye Olde Uranus/Pluto Square energizes and stimulates the Full Moons and this one is no exception with Uranus in the sign of Aries activating both the Sun and the Moon. 

I think most of us will be feeling rather frisky and restless to get into something  but with Mercury retrograde we should all think once or twice, which of course we will, before committing to any rash activities or solutions.

As I sit here looking ahead, I can't help but feel concern for tomorrow, the first night of the Olympics as the astrological energies for July 27 are quite ominous. Most of you will read this after the fact so I encourage all of you to stay grounded and loving no matter what happens during these games in London. There are dark forces who wish to create chaos and pain and the best thing is not to feed it either way. Hopefully a wave of peace will shroud the rest of the Olympics.

August 2 is the Pagan Holy Day of Lammas which celebrates the harvest among other things. Whether you join with others or not, you might want to ponder what you have harvested this year and how you would like your new growth to proceed for the next year. We will be gathering here at Moonhaven Thursday night 6pm potluck and 7pm Celebration, Bring something to share that you have harvested on any level.[More info below]

Yes, I know murky Mercury has been draggin' its little retro feet around for a few weeks. It's been a wild time and not too bad unless you think having your Email go out twice and your TV twice, and Goddess only knows what communications went South in the process. However, it has been a good time to organize and re-organize and sort out just how we can move forward. August 8 is just around the corner and Mercury will be able to spring out full bore and ignite all the thoughts, projects and issues that have been plodding around in circles. This of course can be the good and bad news as sometimes you may wish that the things that came flying out after the retrograde stayed in their closet! 

Yes the Solar flares and Planetary Shifting continue to alter the electromagnetic fields as well as our own systems which can and will continue to effect our bodies-- so eat well, rest and enjoy those who raise your vibration avoiding those who do not.

Uranus is still squaring Pluto this month. Maybe we are sick of it with its totally erratic energies seemingly creating chaos and dramatic events in all our lives or just maybe we have learned to body surf over the astrological white water. I prefer the latter.

However you are experiencing these changes in you life up til now, it is high time that we all loosen our chains and release ourselves from our personal bondage and limitations. If you don't immediately know what they are, think about what you feel keeps you from living into your best life.

The challenges that we see manifested globally are but a mirror of what we are each experiencing personally and the endgame is LIBERATION AND ELEVATION! Aren't you bored of telling yourself the same old tired stories about what isn't working for you?

What is your Arab Spring and what will force you into Occupying your best self?

How long will we be sheep sleepwalking our way through our lives ignoring the fact that our leaders and the Patriarchy just do not care about us? It is hard to lift those blinders and yet this should not make one feel defeated rather let it be a time of greater personal responsibility....the ability to respond.

At this time we are not just rebirthing ourselves and the planet but helping to transition into the Aquarian Age! This is a big deal and one that doesn't always gently slip into place. Those of us who choose to stay awake and participate in this potent shift, this turning point, will take on many energetic challenges yet we will reap many personal rewards as we experience our movement from a Patriarchal hierarchical world to one that is more equality and community based.

That may sound harsh and these times are harsh yet part of the solution is to open our hearts wider and deeper and pour out love to ourselves and the planet. This will dissolve the feelings of alienation and loneliness that are keeping us locked up and disconnected from the Oneness that is possible and so very healing.

Some of you may be thinking, "All well and good Flash but how the hell do we do this?" OK, One of the best ways that I know to begin this process is to "Become the Sun." This is a wonderful and easy meditation that I created  for an astrology book I wrote called Flash Silvermoon's Planetary Playbook [sorry not published yet]. Also for this Leonine month, this is a great exercise to work with and open up the Heart Chakra as Leo astrologically rules the heart.

You can begin in or outdoors either by looking up at the glorious Sun or imaging it in your mind. Feel the Earth between your feet and allow your roots to go deep into the core and connect for grounding. When you feel that connection has been made then pull the Sun into your heart center in your chest and feel that brilliant light fill your entire body. YOU WILL FEEL AN AWESOME RUSH OF WARMTH AND LIGHT AS YOU STAND THERE JUST RADIATING! [BTW, I did not push the all cap key!] This is really good too if you are one who tends to absorb everything and you can not absorb when you are radiating. Enjoy and let me know how this works for you. If you can do this on the Full Moon of August 1 or the New Moon in Leo on the 17th it will be most beneficial.

On August 7 lovely Venus enters Cancer and the Goddess of Love will enter a phase where she is most warm and nurturing. We have been enjoying the more frenetic and mental Venus in Gemini which didn't exactly allow Venus to pour out the love to one and all so the aforementioned exercise should  be perfect to welcome sweet Aphrodite as she bonds with Cancer's Lunar Light. You may feel more inclined to entertain at home, do home improvements and eat sumptuous dinners with your beloved. If there is no beloved, this would be a great time to find one too. 

The Leo sun can get us all on the prowl while Venus can soften the presentation.

August 8, Mercury goes direct at last! The waiting is over if you have been waiting to sign on the dotted line or move forward with a relationship or project. It's as if the Universe is offering a big YES to our plans. Retrogrades are not in and of themselves negative but they do present us with a different way to use our energies that is more internal.

In this culture most are obsessed with running as fast as we can to the supposed finish line while not caring much for the process. Eastern cultures are much more interested in the whole process and the journey and we might learn from them. This is also another difference between Matriarchy and Patriarchal values; the latter being the straight line, get their fastest, while the former enjoys the whole cycle, the circle which includes and sees the value of the whole journey.

August 15 brings in a harsher energy that can be particularly hard on relationships of all kinds with Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus forming a T square. There can be many situations that can knock things off balance while also generating power struggles. Knowing this can ideally keep you from the more negative results.This transit will last a couple of days and the most important thing is to remember to share the power. If you want happiness go for the win win. 

The challenge can be exacerbated or lessened by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn. Those two energies when brought together can be a signature of frustration and blockage of forward motion but if used well, you can create focus and concentration all of which can be quite useful.

August 17 brings us to the new Moon in Leo. At this point all of the  growth opportunities you have opted in or out of will show you how far that you have come. As I have said Leo is about the heart and we are all needing to come from that place so much more in terms of how we treat ourselves and others, how we honor our own unique contribution through our creativity. This is a time to express ourselves and not sit on the fence or try to be just like our friends or neighbors. Being your authentic self will by far  gather you the most peace and glory. 

The effect of the T square from the 15th is amplified by the New Moon drawing the Sacred Feminine ever closer. With Pluto and Uranus working with or on Venus, the strain can produce a lot of fierce women globally angry and frustrated with the reduction of our rights, continued violence against women, and the virtual strangle hold that the Right seems to want to place around the necks of the presumed and formerly liberated American women. 

This is a good time to gather with your women friends and drum, dance, chant and raise your energies to connect with the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine within and without. Make magic, visualize these wrongs righted [rited] thereby releasing this strong energy in positive ways.

Speaking of gathering together, Aug 15-18 is the 43rd anniversary of the Woodstock Festival. I attended sitting 10 feet from the stage for the whole show and was moved beyond words. However I did write a memorable piece on my Blog about it see 

So many people  including myself have compared those energetics astrologically with the re-emergence of the Uranus/ Pluto conflagration. It was a potent time then and now and as I wrote this piece I could  easily see how the seeds that were sown then have started to blossom now.

Many of the  radical and idealistic visions that were born on that mud soaked  farm  seemed to go underground for many years after about 1972 but you can feel them alive and well as the Occupy Movement goes global.

How about a Woodstock New Moon jam at Moonhaven on Friday Aug 17 bring your musical toys, voices and love and if you are not  in North Central Florida, do one at your place and we can bring back those good vibrations for all and elevate them into this new vibrational shift. Nothing like good music to lift the spirits and ain't no telling how many of those great  musical spirits might show up to play! You never know at Moonhaven.

August 19th Mercury and Uranus trine offering us a day of  brilliance particularly on the creative intellectual side of things so keep a notebook or recorder handy so you don't miss any of your inspirations which should generally run high this month. Mars entering Plutonic Scorpio on the 24th should set the stage for transformation as it trines Neptune. We may not know what's happening with this one but it should be smooth.

Much more shifts as  we enjoy a 2nd Full Moon this month called a Blue Moon and it is in watery mystical Pisces. To even make this more of a fluid situation, Neptune and Chiron are also  snuggling up and conjoining the Moon that night. This should be a most magical night where your intuition is sending out a high beam. Tonight your dreams may be even more fascinating and telepathic so jot them down if you can. This may not be the most clarifying  time but it is sure to be the most mystical.

The other thing with such a congregation of Neptunian energies as well as a Full Moon is the potential for flooding or even a hurricane. The latter is more likely the next day when Jupiter in air sign Gemini. This does not have to occur but its a good idea to keep abreast of the weather for those few days.

I remember all too well a Full Piscean Moon that had me sitting alone by candlelight in my office scribbling down the words to the song Pisces Moon as a storm raged outside my windows with no electricity for hours. If you would enjoy hearing this song from my 2nd CD click here and scroll down to Pisces Moon click and you can read the lyrics and hear the music ....enjoy and of course you can purchase the CD as well.

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