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Lots of news to share this month! Of course, the biggest news this August is the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS) being held in San Jose, California on August 17 and 18th. It is the oldest continuously running Tarot conference, celebrating its 22nd year this year! Thalassa has an Indigogo campaign to assist with the funding of SF BATS, so I encourage anyone and everyone who has a love of Tarot to please support SF BATS by contributing… whether you can attend or not. There are some great perks to be had in thanks for contributions! There are only a few days left to be a part of the campaign, so check it out while you can: If you plan on attending, there is still a bit of time left to register! Check out the particulars and find out more about registering on the Daughters of Divination website:

We also have news with regard to the June contest, the original winner of which never responded to our congratulatory email. That winner did not come forward so we selected another winner from that month's entries… and not only do we have a new winner, but she also responded :o)

Congratulations, Lalia Wilson of Tennessee!

The clip from the June contest was from the 4 of Swords card from the Inner Realms Tarot.

We were batting 2 for 2 this time, as we also have a winner for the July contest!

Congratulations, Jennifer Diallo of Portland, Oregon!

The clip from the July contest was from the 7 of Cups card from the Silver Era Tarot.

Be sure to enter this month's contest, the odds of winning are really great!

Finally, we have some news regarding the ATA. The ATA is going to host an online Tarot conference! Check out the ATA's Facebook page and Conference Event page for more information (see the links in the sidebar)! We will also keep you up to date here in upcoming issues of Tarot Reflections!

Enjoy the issue!

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