We are Full of It (Tarot, That is)

By Sheri Harshberger

I've heard Tarot, especially the decks with scenic pips (like the Waite Smith) described as "78 little slices of life" and I believe that is true. I think that is why it is universally resonant with so many people. I received confirmation of this in an unusual way on a recent trip to Nye Beach, Oregon. For those not familiar with Nye Beach, there are several sculptures located along the beach front. One such sculpture is carved out of a very large trunk of redwood that washed ashore there in 2007 and dedicated in 2012. The artist enlisted to sculpt it was Juergen Eckstein, who calls the sculpture Absence of Emptiness. He was inspired by the poem Two Things by Gottfried Benn. I'm including a photo of the plaque at the base of the sculpture that has the poem inscribed.

So, we are empty or not. Eckstein's sculpture opts for the "not." Have a look in these photos at what he has filled "us" with (apologies in advance for the quality of the photos, I was using my phone's camera). Anything look familiar? 

Absence of Emptiness PlaqueAbsence of Emptiness 1Absence of Emptiness 2Absence of Emptiness 3Absence of Emptiness 4Absence of Emptiness 5Absence of Emptiness 6Absence of Emptiness 7

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