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Oh my goodness, how in the world is it August already!? Well here we are, the last full month of summer. I am axiously awaiting my favorite season, autumn - but definitely do not want to rush summer away either.

“August is like the Sunday of Summer.” - unknown

This month we have a fun and educationally packed issue featuring:  Astrology - “oh my stars and garters!”, The Extras, reviews of Tarot and Astrology, Tarot Interactions, and Art Through the Starstream Oracle, learn how to make your own Astrology Stones over in the Craft Corner, try the new Spread of the Month. Don’t forget about the Frolicking Fae, and TarotScopes! We truly hope you enjoy the issue this month!

…And now what you all have been waiting for!  The correct answer for the July Contest was Communication from The Faerie Guidance Oracle.


Congratulations to our winner of the July Contest -  Kat of Anchorage, Alaska!

Be sure to check out the August Contest for your chance to win! Best of luck and “May the odds be forever in your favor!”

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