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Summer has been a little crazy for everyone that I talk with. The weather has been extreme in many places causing fires and other horrific things. Here is to hoping that this months settles some of those crazy things down.

September brings us to one of my favorite times of year. It brings that shift between summer and FALL! The colors, the scents, the decorations, the upcoming Samhain, Halloween, I love all of it! I hope you all are enjoying the changing of the season.

“By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather 
And autumn’s best of cheer.

-Helen Hunt Jackson

Now the information every one is waiting for...

The correct answer for the August Contest was The Hanged Man from the Vanessa Tarot.

Congratulations to our August winner - Patricia Kelly from Santa Barbara, California!

Be sure to enter the September contest for your chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Good Luck!!!

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