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Happy October!  It's hard to believe that 3 years have gone by since I took over the reins as Editor for Tarot Reflections.  Time really does fly when one is having fun!

Speaking of fun, make sure to have some this month.  October is a very busy reading season for many of us, and for others, it is a time of greater acceptance if they cannot read cards at any other time of the year.  If you are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to read for someone, take it!  You will benefit from the experience and so will your client.  The reader community as a whole also benefits as more and more legitimate readers expose the public to what a "good" reading experience is.  I find that when I read for others, it vitalizes me in a way nothing else can, and I am going to need that extra energy as the holidays get ever closer and I have to roll back my reading appointments to make time for all the holiday stuff.

While we are on the subject of reading, many of my professional reader friends and I like to challenge ourselves... and supplement the services we offer to clients by reading with oracles in addition to Tarot cards.  I have read with coffee beans, cookie and candy combinations, and well, lots of other stuff!  One of the coolest new reading "tools" are Junk Oracles.  Some of you may remember several people at the Readers' Studio this past spring, carrying boxes and bags of little trinkets and things around the tables and lots of trading taking place as each person added to their collection of "junk."  We are very lucky to have Frances, a highly regarded professional reader who reads with all types of things, submit an article on the Junk Oracle along with some real demonstration readings that she did.  It is AWESOME!

Now, let's get back to Trick and Treats... we will have a Halloween Supplement again this year!  It's lots of fun to put together and gives us the opportunity to run TWO contests in one month... but before we talk about that, let's announce the winner of the September Contest!

Congratulations, Shari Lewis of Vanceboro, North Carolina USA!

Shari correctly guessed that the clip was from the Lovers card in the Tarot of the New Visions by Pietro Alligo.  Be sure to enter the October contest, and remember it ENDS EARLY so we can try to get the prize to the winner before Halloween.  Please note that we will try our best but cannot guarantee receipt by Halloween for winners outside the USA.  We will announce the October winner in the Halloween Supplement.

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