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To say that the times right now are crazy would be an understatement! Thoughts of support go out to all those affected by the U.S. Government shutdown. While an interim solution has been found, there is still a lot of work and catching up to do. I don't think I could go without a paycheck for a couple weeks and not have to deal with some repercussions from that. This can be a lesson for us all to learn from…all things are connected and we all have to work together to come to compromises that we can all live with.

The big news this month is that the ATA is working on hosting its first online conference on October 26, 2013! Activities will run all day and include presentations on a variety of subjects. We are devoting a page in this issue to it, so check it out and plan to attend if you can. It is open to all members of the ATA at no charge, and to non-members for a small fee. See the ATA's Facebook page for more information!

Of course, we have our regular monthly big news, too… the announcement of the winner of the September Contest!

Congratulations, Latifah Abdul'laah from Denver, Colorado!

Enjoy the issue!

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