October Tarot Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta



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Chariot (Page of Pentacles)

As children we expect to get our own way simply because we should; however, with maturity we learn that there are other factors that challenge this. You must develop a measure of self-control and a respect for boundaries if you’re to accomplish your intentions. So too, when you align your mind and your heart with a goal, you can surmount any challenge that stands in the way. Trials in the material world are some of the greatest tests to your courage and although you may feel discouraged at times, it is important to harness your will and trust in a power greater than yourself. The eclipse on the 18th will ignite your passion for action. Be deliberate, not reactive! Take extra caution while driving, as well.

Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince published by Arnell Art.



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Tower (7 of Pentacles)

During the most challenging times of transition we usually encounter an uprooting of our established patterns.  Due to the perceived intensity of this change, you often overlook the value at hand. You may even cling to what little security you have, working blindly on a project, to the detriment of your own personal growth, or becoming consumed with tangible results while ignoring the deeper purpose. This distraction doesn’t bring reprieve it hinders spiritual development.  That’s when you are struck by the thunderbolt of awareness. Notice what you have become too attached to as a source of security and fulfillment; it has confined you from expanding into more progressive areas. Due to your complacency, it will be stripped away from you, promoting the necessary space to begin again. If you try to hold on, the grief will be worse.  Instead, use this break to re-evaluate what you truly need.

Images from the Tarot de Marseille by Nicolas Conver published by Heron.



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Fool (4 of Wands)

Remember that saying, “life is like a box of chocolates?” There are so many delicious experiences waiting for us to bite into. Some you like and others not so much. The appreciation for variety and nuance can certainly be an acquired taste. But when the desire for security eclipses your ability to simply try, life becomes bland. Don’t forget the endless possibilities life has to offer. Look around you and notice the world is somehow different, not the surroundings per say, but the feeling, the overtone. An impulse within is guiding you in a new direction; follow it, trust it, go with the flow. There is no right or wrong way. If you are willing to risk what security you already have, you can achieve even greater rewards. Your life is always in a state of change. Isn’t it amazing?

Images from the Zombie Tarot published by Quirk Books.



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Strength (3 of Cups)

Calm determination is the greatest power you could have, because in the face of any storm you’re able to find shelter deep within. As you encounter the many obstacles of life, you must bare in mind that nothing can really happen that has not already occurred before, if not to you then to someone you know. During these times of intense emotions your courage is often disregarded because you fear the worst. You must channel the force behind the emotion to succeed, using focus and diligence to capture the results you desire. This month a passionate infatuation will captivate you, possibly blinding you from the truth. So long as you know this is temporary, have fun and don’t hurt anyone else’s feelings in the process. 

Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince published by Arnell Art.



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World (7 of Wands)

No one reminds the sun or moon when it should rise or set or the birds when to soar high or low. They all simply perform according to the perfection of nature. So why force your will, your opinions, your expectations onto people and circumstances in hopes of controlling a movement that isn’t likely? Notice how much energy you expend counterproductively and all the unnecessary stress it generates. Could it be that you have become accustomed to the drama, and that without it you somehow feel unfulfilled? Maybe you’re secretly afraid of peace, mistaking it for boredom. Take note though, that something you have been tenaciously pursuing is causing more of an impasse than a success. Your goal is possible if you just relax a little. Life is a dance, not a battle.

Images from the Necronomicon Tarot by Donald Tyson published by Llewellyn Worldwide.



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Star (7 of Swords) 

Fear is a partition that separates us from faith.  It causes us to doubt our self and our connection to a higher power. In turn, we position ourselves to retreat from conflict, denying any opportunity to really test our faith. Be honest with how you have fooled yourself into settling for something you’re not truly connected to. Notice the ways in which you contradict yourself by saying, ‘show me a sign,’ then look the other way lamenting that you are all alone. Messages are everywhere when you trust your own inner guidance. Be vigilant of your mind’s silly rationales and naive justifications, for this non-sense will only reassure your fragile ego. Look closely at the deeper connections around you and discover the intended lesson.  Believe nothing only on the basis of logic, trust everything simply on the basis of possibility, and live discerningly through the practice of faith.

Images from The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place published by St. Martin's Press.



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Hierophant (Ace of Wands)

Defining your own purpose in life is one of the greatest and sometimes challenging journeys. For as you begin to question the meaning of your existence, you quickly recognize magnitude of the quest. Your curiosity is like a seed of inspiration growing in a world of wonderment, yet if you do not nurture this seed it will wither away. Similarly, if you do not seek answers to your own questions, you too will wither away, living superficially, void of any real passion. Now is the time to nourish these seeds of curiosity. Don’t be overly concerned with finding ‘the’ answer; the question is always more important to the journey because by asking, you open yourself to fresh insight. In a flash your whole life can change. Ask the questions, seek the answers, and open the doors to a new perception.

Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince published by Arnell Art.



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Temperance (10 of Pentacles) 

If it’s possible not to have enough, then it must also be possible to have too much.  But why then do we suffer from fear of less and not from fear of too much?  It is common practice to indulge, consume and collect stuff, yet this isn’t actually fulfilling, it’s a temporary fix to an insatiable desire. There is no end to this, there is only imbalance. Notice how this affects your life.  Do you have enough money, but no time?  How about a lot of friends, but no love? Imagine how you could harmonize your experiences and your desires to garner true fulfillment. Perhaps by letting go of some excess, you can make way for what is lacking. As you restore equilibrium to your life, you will find that fear is also an ingredient that can be tempered into something creative. Life, like alchemy, is a process of mixing and blending your various feelings and experiences. 

Images from the Tarot de Marseille by Nicolas Conver published by Heron.



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Moon (5 of Pentacles)

Money is a symbol of value and is used as a currency of worth. This belief is unfortunately limiting in some cases, particularly when it is used to measure the worth of yourself and others. When you become attached to the idea that you are either poor or rich based on what or how much you have, you eventually lose sight of the priceless resources within. Value is subjective and independent from material objects and form. You’re not your house, your car, your money or even your body for that matter. Why limit yourself to anything impermanent? Although you may be experiencing a rough patch in the material world, this shouldn’t prevent you from feeling secure about who you are. Trust your internal resources and know that the universe will always provide when you are open and accepting. 

Images from the Zombie Tarot published by Quirk Books.



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Death (Ace of Pentacles)

As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees we perceive the skeleton still standing, patiently enduring until it is once again clothed. This is the eternal dance of life, whose cycles are continuous, dynamic and resolute, and yet not linear. One phase leads to the next, all merging with each other, all devoted to the same purpose. Subject to this great mystery you seek to maintain security, not realizing that you must let go in order to grow. This is not to say that building or establishing roots is useless, but rather, when you plan for the future, be sure and respect the present. There are prospects developing in your material world that will blossom into fruitful endeavors, but first, you must be willing to leave behind unnecessary things, people, and attitudes. This phase will be as successful as you are prepared for.  

Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince published by Arnell Art.



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Hanged Man (9 of Swords)

Powerlessness is something everyone experiences at some time or another, typically generating fear and causing a lot of stress. Consequently, your response to this greatly influences the outcome of the incident. As your natural fight or flight response is triggered, so too, you are subject to this response. When you feel most immobilized or paralyzed by your fears, you in turn doubt any chance for change, thus perpetuating the situation and uncomfortable feelings. Your fears disallow change when you concentrate on them. Sometimes the best way to empower yourself is to surrender to the situation. By surrendering, you allow the natural flow of events, rather than your overactive mind, to lead you. The more trapped you feel, the less you need to think. Remind yourself each day to let go of your worries. Stay present with what is and simply observe.

Images from the Necronomicon Tarot by Donald Tyson published by Llewellyn Worldwide.



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Devil (6 of Pentacles) 

The two golden laws of the universe state that what goes up, must come down, and for every cause there is an effect. While these laws were intended to describe the physical universe, it reasons that they also describe a behavioral paradigm. For what you do, say and think creates a cause that will in some way be encounter an effect. This exchange is commonly referred to as Karma, which also insists that your current condition is a result of your past actions. As you recognize this, you will discover how your own energy has attracted both the positive and negative, but rather than feel that you are helpless to these influences, use this awareness to counterbalance their effect. Be conscious of what you want: if it is validation, then praise someone else; if it is love, then be loving; or if it is money, share your wealth with others. 

Images from The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place published by St. Martin's Press.

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