Parties and Activities

What to do when a bunch of Tarot readers get together for a party?

Tarot Charades

Take a deck and mix it up in a bowl or plastic pumpkin.  Have party goers pick a card and then have others try to guess what card they have by only observing visual clues and actions -- no talking allowed.

Three Card Drawing Color Party

Participants draw three cards and make a crayon drawing of the elements in each card that drew their attention.  Others can try to guess what cards were drawn, or the drawings can be left as personal mementos of the party.

Community Reading

Deck back into the bowl or plastic pumpkin and mixed up.  Someone asks a question and then each participant pulls a card and gives the portion of the reading that card covers.

Community Storytelling

Each person picks a card and tells part of a story -- adding to what 's already been said, until the last person, who ends the story.  Not allowing people to pick cards before their turn adds to the fun, since they can't think about what they are going to say ahead of time!

Now we've given some ideas -- your turn!  Use the comments feature to share stories about parties or provide tips and ideas for partying with Tarot!

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