Bohemian Gothic Tarot Deck and Book Set Standard Edition

By Terri C.

Bohemian Gothic Tarot Deck and Book Set by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov 

Published by Magic Realist Press

ISBN: 1-905572-06-9

“Enter the shadowy world of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot of your own free will…and find pleasure, vision and wisdom within.”  Karen Mahoney, quoted from the companion book.

BEWARE:  Werewolves, Vampires, Graveyards, Devils and Demons abound.  The Bohemian Gothic Tarot welcomes you to the dark beauty of the shadow side.  This deck and book set provides a unique twist and takes us far from a standard Rider-Waite-Smith clone.  

For an example of this twist, one can look at the Wheel of Fortune card.  Instead of a standard wheel, this image shows a young woman having her cards read by an elderly woman.  On the wall behind them is a painting showing a winged skull.  Even though the young woman appears quite calm, it appears the reader is giving the young woman a very serious message.

The comprehensive and engaging companion book of 232 pages, written by Karen Mahoney, includes a short Gothic history lesson and original spreads.  Even though the focus for this deck is the darker side of the psyche and shadow work, and many consider this deck a “Dark Deck,“ Karen does provide a lighter take on the cards as well.  This book is appropriate for those just starting out with their first deck as well as those who are more experienced.

Through his artwork, Alex Ukolov affords us the opportunity to work the darker recesses of the mind and soul.  It takes us to that place where nightmares and fears reside.  This deck gives us the chance to take our readings to a different place, by creating haunting imagery, Alex and Karen force us to look at our inner fears.

The Minor Arcana follow typical suits, Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins.  The Major Arcana cards are not numbered, however they are numbered in the book, with Strength numbered eight and Justice numbered eleven.  The cards measure five inches tall by three inches wide, making this a larger than standard deck.  Each card is titled at the bottom and the deck is borderless, making for little distraction from the images.   The backs are fully reversible, with a black and white, geometric skull and bones pattern.  The words “momentomori” repeated in the center of the card.  

This deck could be read intuitively out of the box, but is also perfect for advance readers looking for something a bit spooky and different.  The deck provides amazing ambiance for those interested in reading at Halloween parties or the like.  Spending further time working with and studying the deck can provide even greater and deeper insight, both for personal use and for those working with clients.

Alex hails from Crimea, Russia. He has had thirteen years of training and holds two degrees in art and design, one from Khakov Academy of Design and Arts, in the Ukraine.  Karen is Irish, but lived in London for many years, running an internet and multimedia design company.  She holds an MA from the Royal College of Art in London.  Today, they make their home and run Baba Studio in Prague.

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