November's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the new, self published Tarot of Inner Peace by Hedy Maimann (copyright (c) 2008 Hedy Maimann).  Hedy is an artist that does stunning work!  Her deck and much more is available on her website.  I'll be reviewing her deck in the December 2008 Tarot Reflections, but couldn't wait to share her deck with you now!


Hermit (Page of Swords) Self-reflection is one of the most valuable tools for carving away at the façade. When you feel tired of constantly working to please others or trying to fit in to something too rigid, take a moment to reflect. This month offers you time to reconnect with who you are, beyond definitions and titles. Loneliness and fatigue are signs that your soul is yearning for more; listen to your inner voice for advice. Around the 9th, a close friend or colleague may suddenly withdraw. Be sure to follow up with them, or a small misunderstanding could easily escalate.


Hanged Man (10 of Pentacles) A pending financial or family matter is likely to cause great frustration and strain. Your patience will be tested, as there’s really not much you can do to force a solution. Step back from the situation and you’ll discover an option you didn’t know was available. However, keep it to yourself until after the full moon on the 12th. There won’t be much action on the home front for those dealing with domestic or real estate issues, but don’t get discouraged: around the 11th, an unexpected opportunity will arise.


Magician (2 of Swords) Your hard work has paid off, and you’ll receive recognition and rewards. A vision you’ve been holding is ready to execute; use your skills wisely. You have more charisma and confidence then ever before, and it is important to strut your stuff. For those working on personal goals and self-improvement, this is your moment of glory, and insights fall from the sky like golden rain. For you pessimistic types, let this month show you the endless possibilities that exist when you believe in your own power. The 13th is a magical day on which you’ll be surrounded by meaningful signs.


High Priestess (7 of Swords) Mysteries are the fabric of our lives and you are the detective searching for clues. A current situation that seems vague and uncomfortable will begin to reveal signs pointing in a definite direction. In terms of a business pursuit, wait until you feel it’s the right time before executing your next step. Be conservative with finances as well, because all is not what it appears. The 16th will likely reveal something that has been in the background for some time. Keep from jumping to conclusions until you’re certain what it means.


World (Queen of Pentacles) Don’t believe everything you hear, and keep your opinions to a minimum. The conclusion to a current situation can easily become undermined if you listen to overly eager people, including yourself. There may be a tendency to say or do more than is necessary; it would be better to be patient and hold your tongue at this time. And before making rash decisions about money, ask the advice of someone you trust. The 17th may be a day of controversy, so take extra precautions to avoid getting caught up in other people’s problems, especially those of family members.


Chariot (Knight of Swords) Get ready for a turbulent ride this month, as challenges seem to meet you around every corner. No matter what happens, you are ultimately responsible for your actions. Do not be driven into further trouble by reacting impulsively. A whirlwind around the 20th blows many of your current plans into disarray. Don’t give up, simply take a detour and find an alternate path; you’ll discover options that actually benefit you. Be mindful of your words, especially when provoked, or you’re likely to destroy a valuable relationship. Use extra caution while driving.


Strength (7 of Cups) The challenges you will encounter this month are best managed through the flexibility of your character rather than by the illusion of control. Move with the tides, not against them, and you will find your natural flow. An enduring situation may result in a seemingly undesirable circumstance, but look at how you can re-create this situation in a new light. Also, be prudent with what you ingest, as intoxication is possible. Around the 22nd, an unexpected romance is likely to sweep you away. Have fun, but don’t get too caught up – it’s only temporary.


Moon (6 of Swords) Buckle up, because you’re in for an emotional roller coaster ride. What begins as something cheerful may quickly become quite the opposite. Tolerance is necessary to manage this journey, particularly when it comes to your feelings. Reacting impulsively will only deepen the chasm between you and others. Try looking at the situation from another perspective before settling into an opinion. If you really want to hear the truth, be prepared for the consequences. Trips planned around the 24th may land you in places you weren’t expecting, which might be exciting if you can stand the ambiguity. 


Empress (8 of Cups) Life is a journey in which we seek to fill our cups with the delights of this earthly plane and our hearts with tender treasures. The more involved you are with life, the richer the experience. Focus your energy on tending to the most important things and people in your life. Abandon harbored resentments toward others or yourself. The beginning of the month will bring up an emotional situation from the past. Rather than trying to force a resolution, let it go, and by the end of the month, you’ll feel stronger.


Emperor (5 of Cups) You know more than anyone about the responsibility of power and what to do when faced with a challenge. Keeping this in mind, stay flexible at this time, or you may inadvertently hurt someone close to you. Beneath the veneer of strength is someone who wants respect, so don’t get triggered by a power play. Instead, be an example to those around you, even if you’re enmeshed in a troublesome pattern. Composure is the key this month – be sure to maintain yours, come what may. Around the 3rd, an important lesson, and likely a new acquaintance, will emerge.


Devil (8 of Pentacles) It has been said that “mistakes are the portals of discovery.” If you avoid these mistakes, you’ll lose your opportunity for growth. There may be some severe challenges this month that require careful clean up. Something you recently overlooked may result in unexpected consequences. Be sure to deal with this immediately because the results could benefit you in ways you never imagined. The 4th offers you an experience to rectify an old issue. Whether this is situational or otherwise, if you act from a place of integrity, you’ll release a lot of pent-up stress.


Sun (4 of Cups) A life-changing event will allow you to pursue the next level of your goal. In relationships, this can mean a reunion or a separation, and saying hello or goodbye has a profound effect on the momentum of your life. This period also provides an opportunity to reconcile old wounds, let go of past regrets, and forgive the deeds that once offended you. Ambivalence could be obstructing the flow of future gain, so seek answers from within and be honest with others. Responsibilities increase rapidly around the 7th, so be sure to ask for any help that you need. 

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