By Flash Silvermoon

Happy New Year everyone. Since I was a teenager, I became aware that October was a challenging month for me and that November seemed to awaken a new deal as far as energies.  I even called it my New Year well before I knew that Earth Religions held that belief since time immemorial!

2011 seems like it will be no exception to that rule. November 1 seems to usher in a more spiritual month than most. Some cultures celebrate this date as The Day of the Dead. This day may bring some gentler energies but they may lack clarity. Try to go another day or so before making definite plans as Neptune's relationship to Venus and Mercury could cloud issues completely.

November 3 brings the trickster Uranus into the picture inspiring rebellious thoughts and activities. I think that we can look to the various Occupy movements for some sudden change of tactics or activities but it will likely be temporary. 

The Movement itself has risen like a Phoenix out of the ashes of the 2 year long tension between the surge for liberty, justice and real change goaded on by Uranus' square[challenging aspect] to Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn literally suggests the  deep and compelling transformation of the corporate world. Uranus in Aries puts the Power of the People in the streets challenging the Power of the Corporatization of the World which can be represented by Saturn ruled,Capricorn. Pluto, the planet that demands deep and radical change, rises up from the growing underground rage and resentments like a volcano spewing its lava everywhere creating a fertile ground for a new structure and a New Deal that potentially levels the playing field.

The Old World wants to have what they call a New World Order which by and large seeks to totally control the world economically with a World Bank and Government. While the real New World ideology seeks to totally transform the way business is done and economics are structured so that the One Percent  that has most of the money does not get to control and rob the 99% of the people who have much less and struggle to have the most basic needs met.

If we weren't in the midst of profound economic changes and huge challenges to the patriarchal  corporate world,  I would quite frankly wonder how the people could continue to stay numb and sleepwalk through this intensely turbulent time which shows no real sign of mellowing anytime soon.

Saturn in late Libra is demanding that there must be fairness in laws, economics, governments, marriage, the military and all aspects of life and its rules. These controversies can be quite  disruptive when some would just like everything to be back like it was. For those conservatives I say too late, the genie is out of the bottle and she ain't returning to such cramped quarters  and the flimsy outfit has been traded in for some armor and comfortable shoes. As a matter of fact, she may turn up playing a djembe drum at one encampment or another.

The Occult axiom " As Above So Below" could not be truer these days with rebellion  rocking the streets all around the world while Earthquakes rock the entire foundation of the Earth Herself in too many places. This does not mean that we cannot find peaceful respites from time to time but the overall vibration is one of chaos.

Speaking of vibrations, that is what runs the world so regardless of your political inclination or how well life is treating you personally there has never been a more important time to bring yourself into a harmonious vibration and beam that out to the world.  There are many ways to do this and one person can make a difference especially in a time when Uranus is in Aries encouraging individual rebellion and breaking with tradition.

These positive energies can and will restore and re energize the planetary vibration to a more satisfying and healthier environment for all of us. I am not saying just do that, but this is a really good start and of course doing something positive rather than feeling bent by fear will uplift our world  in ways that some cannot imagine and many can.We are all being encouraged by these planetary energies to discover and take our path to liberation and... yours does not need to look like mine.

The Full Moon in Taurus is a very potent moon for several reasons. We are faced  with truly getting in touch with what is most important to us on all levels. What do you want?  What do you need to fulfill you. How are your material needs being met and how are you physically navigating the material world ? A Grand Trine in Earth signs is almost in place which should make us all feel much more grounded than we have in a long time. 

This Taurian Full Moon is also on the eve of 11/11/11 which is an incredible opportunity for spiritual elevation and evolution, a gateway for group gatherings and mass awakenings. This is a time long prophesized as a portal for profound spiritual change with the 3 elevens suggesting a new beginning of a higher consciousness. The Grand Trine in Earth will be in full bloom now as well which will be  a fantastic night to do a Prosperity Ritual. 

We will join the 11/11/11 World Healing here at Moonhaven which will also include an Individual and Global Prosperity Ritual. [ see more info below]If you can't come here, find a way to make this happen for yourself on this evening for sure.

The ending of the retrograde of Chiron and Neptune will help clarify the need for global collaboration and cooperation and when Mars enters Virgo on the 11th a lot of the more warlike energies will begin to smooth out as the Grand Earth Trine continues to enable more optimism and possible solutions for the rest of the month.

Lots going on this month with a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 25th around 1AM EST  This is a potent time as are all Eclipses. This one offers a new beginning as far as expanding consciousness and receiving a new Mission Plan. So much energy will be downloaded with this New Moon and the electromagnetic  energies will be running high. Those of us who are more sensitive to such things will need to find more ways at this time to relax, ground and recharge as this vibrational shift can be hard on the physical body particularly the nervous system.

Working with healing stones, oils, flower essences and gem elixirs are all great tools and can be found in great supply for reasonable prices here at Moonhaven. Massage, meditation,and other forms of body work can be a balm as well.

Finally a little about love and relationships! Venus will enter Capricorn on Nov. 27 which will change the nature of many relationships. Capricorn likes to work hard and meet a good challenge and with Venus coming into a conjunction with Pluto and a square to Uranus, there can be a whole lot of shaking going on. If a new relationship starts at this time and one surely can, it will be deep, compelling and life changing. Make sure the changes are the kind that you want and you will be amazed! Aphrodite can have a real sense of humor sometimes so ENJOY.

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