Solstice Light Tarot Spread by Christine Jette


In the darkest of seasons, the Yule sun begins to rise a little earlier each day and all the world seems ready for change. Use the Solstice Light spread to strengthen your hopes for the future. Plan, make wishes, and raise your spirits- knowing that the creative fire of spring is promised to you at Yule. 

If you have a specific question in mind, ask it as you shuffle the cards. Place them in positions one through six as shown in the diagram. 

For more information about the Solstice layout in general, or a specific card in the layout, use one of the following three-card spreads for depth reading: 

1)When the cards are confusing, use Card 1: Illusion (fantasy and wishful thinking), Card 2: Knowledge (facts, things you can’t change), and Card 3: Magic (things you can change by focused will) 
2)To summarize the layout, use Card 1: Blocks, Card 2: Strengths and Card 3: Advice
3)For a timeframe of events, use Card 1: The Present, Card 2: Near Future (1-3 months) and Card 3: Far Future (4-12 months) 

Position 1- Returning hope: What are you hopeful about? 
If this card feels negative to you, it depicts painful issues that will be resolved or healed in the coming year.  Remember, all cards show a spectrum of life, from happy to sad, and offer opportunities to learn wisdom.

Position 2- Making wishes: What does your heart desire? 
Again, if you don't like the card it is because it shows an uncomfortable situation that you wish were different. 

Position 3- Seeking visions: What is your vision for the future? 
Where do you see yourself next year at this time? Do a three-card time line reading if you need to clarify the meaning of position three.  (Timeline reading: Card 1 is the situation as it is right now. Card 2 shows trends for the next three months. Card 3 looks at months four through twelve from the time of the reading.)

Position 4- Sense of balance: What will restore balance to your life? 
If the card feels negative, it is because it shows an area of your life that is out of balance and where you need to focus your efforts to restore order. 

Position 5- Goodwill towards others: Your expression of love. 
Yule is the season of giving. In what way can you open your heart to others? If this card makes you uncomfortable, it indicates a situation in need of repair, forgiveness or making an amend. Note if card four, your sense of balance, is related to card 5, goodwill towards others. 

Position 6- Advice: The next step. Planning. The action card. 
What can you do on the mundane level during the winter months to make your hopes and wishes real?

Look at cards 1-5: your hopes, wishes, vision for the future, sense of balance and goodwill towards others. What story do they weave together to advise you on your next course of action?

To complete the Yule reading, you can meditate with the cards, write a journal entry, keep the cards out until Imbolc or simply close. Carry a card or two with you during the day to strengthen the connection between you and your vision for the future. 

Affirm your personal power to plan the life you want: "I awaken to the season of Yule and bring my Spirit's desire into balance. This, or something better, is manifesting for me now, for the good of all, harming no one, according to free will.” (Or write your own affirmation. Your words always work best.)

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