December's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features my favorite reading deck, the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and available on their website.  Not only are the images stunning, but the edges are gilded in gold, and this gilding has held up to literally hundreds of shuffles and readings.


High Priestess (King of Cups)     This month you are more attuned than usual to the mysterious impulses of the unseen world. At this time there is new information emerging, although at first it may confuse or even scare you, remain open to what you feel. It is imperative to pay attention to the messages if you are to decipher the meaning. To do so you must follow your intuition and pay attention to the signs. Look beyond what is evident and sense your way through any circumstance. A person of great intrigue will enter your life around the 7th; keep yourself grounded or you could easily be swept away.


Empress (10 of Cups)     Some part of your domestic life will become a means to great fulfillment and you will begin feeling more peaceful. Relationships are renewed as you start to put down lasting roots in areas that have been barren. There could be an addition to the family or to your home, or a purchase of a new home. Spend quality time with your family and take care to cherish the relationships that have nurtured you most. The week of the 8th will prove to be an unusually sentimental time, so don’t shy away from expressing your deepest emotions.


Wheel of Fortune (9 of Wands)     An area in your life is subject to a new phase; do not attempt to control your fate or you’ll end up out of balance. This is an opportune time to set new goals and aspirations; however, be prepared to work to attain them, because nothing comes to those who scatter their energy. Stay focused on your priorities and the rest will come together. This is also a fortunate time to let go of old baggage and outgrown goals. Be honest, not defensive, about your failures; success can grow just as easily out of mistakes. Around the 10th is a good time to plant those seeds.


Star (8 of Pentacles)     Faith is the greatest resource because in any darkness it provides light. Even if only a flicker, it is enough to depend upon. Around the 15th you will be faced with a tough decision of whether to follow your heart or your practical mind. Rather than depending on the rational evaluations, it would be better to trust your intuition. Ask for a sign and it will come. Because you are in a sensitive situation, the temptation to avoid harsh feelings could push you deeper in to a rut. Trust yourself enough to commit to making a decisive move.


Lovers (8 of Swords)     As you approach the proverbial fork in the road and sense the impending decisions, don’t feel intimidated; there are always sacrifices to make when a new direction is forged. A situation or relationship you’re currently involved in feels more restraining than it actually is. If you can stop dwelling on the negative, you’ll find the courage to move forward and deal with the inevitable consequences afterwards. Make a move by the 17th or a decision will be made for you; if you continue to vacillate in fear, you may miss your chance!


Justice (Queen of Wands)     Our values are reflected in our actions. Saying one thing and doing the other only violates yourself. Be sincere about what you want before looking for achievement, because your intention is what attracts an experience to you. It is important to see how and where you are getting in your own way. Rather than complaining about a problem, figure out how you are creating it. Instead of shrinking from a dilemma or blaming someone else, be objective and plan a solution that is aligned with your true motives. Be careful not break any rules around the 20th.


Death (10 of Wands)     The sun has set on some area of your life. In letting go of this scene, you’ll release tension and some of the negative thought patterns attached. Often, endings are mistaken as a deprivation of something; yet, in the sheer experience alone, a new perspective has been gained and you are forever changed. If you can detach from your expectations long enough, the bigger picture is always visible. The weekend of the 22nd is a time for goodbyes. Be gracious and remember that it is only when you try to control the flow of life that pain is inescapable. 


Hermit (6 of Pentacles)     In the deepest recess of your soul there is the effervescent light of truth, and, through the many trials and tribulations encountered, you develop a deeper understanding of this truth. Situations that seem unfair are simply out of balance with your understanding of truth. Before pointing the finger or bending over backwards, determine what is most appropriate for you. Be honest with what you are giving in relation to what you are receiving; it may be time to step it up or cut it out. Your actions will fall under scrutiny around the 24th, so don’t be afraid to speak your truth.


Moon (Knight of Pentacles)     An uncertain or emotionally unstable area of your life may be trying to tell you something. If there are situations or relationships you feel unsafe in, it may be time to look at what they reflect in you, and what you can learn from them. What is your motivation for staying? The beginning of the month will uncover information you’d rather not know; after the New Moon on the 27th, these insights will give you the impetus necessary to move out of a bad situation. You may also discover a potential financial investment isn’t as secure as you believed – don’t risk it.


Hierophant (3 of Cups)     People are naturally motivated to search for meaning in life, and, as many experiences are had, a personalized philosophy is developed. These philosophies become extensions of your thoughts and the world consequently reinforces these beliefs, whether positive or negative. It is important to examine your thoughts deeply and to discover how you can create a more masterful life. As you become more conscious of your thoughts, you will be able to direct your intentions more purposefully. An emotional situation around the 2nd will have a deep affect on your mind, be sure to remain balanced before jumping to any conclusions. 


Judgment (5 of Cups)     Salvation can be found in the darkest and oddest places.  Whether proud or ashamed, there is liberation by admitting, “Yes, I did it.” Your emotional side may take over more than usual as you find yourself reacting more. Be honest with yourself about what you are avoiding and what you’ve denied in the past. Inevitably, you must deal with the karma you create. A problem you thought was buried will surface at the beginning of the month; be prepared to face the consequences and by the 29th, things will settle down.


Chariot (Queen of Cups)     Currently there is a struggle between your ego and your higher self which is being reflected in a love relationship. Around the 4th you may find that your rational side wants to pursue something a certain way; however, your emotional side longs for the pleasure of feeling loved. It is important to connect with your highest aspirations to balance both sides of your nature. If you follow your heart, you are destined for success, but when you try to control the flow, you come face-to-face with your own instability.

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