December 2016
By Lalia Wilson

Greetings and Holiday Warm Wishes to you! 

I used a different deck of cards for each of the four elements. All of the cards were randomized. Even so, there were repeated cards. There were two Emperors, two Deaths, two Lovers, two Hanged Men, three Aces and two 7's of Pentacles. The Emperors point us to powerful men in the world, but also to the sign Aries currently occupied by the planet of Change, Uranus. The Death cards point us to the natural endings of everything in our lives and ask what is ending for you. The Lovers suggest new relationships, new choices, and new prospects. The Hanged Men are reminders that we can take the time to reflect or we can have ourselves put in time-out by the circumstances of our lives. There are three Aces, each a different suit. These may indicate new starts for some of us. Finally, the repeated sevens of Pentacles say that we have worked hard and the rewards of our efforts are on their way. Hurray!

The cards used for these readings were as follows. Fire signs:  The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani published by Lo Scarabeo. Air signs:  The Mucha Tarot created by Alphonse Mucha and published by Lo Scarabeo. Earth signs:  The Sharman-Caselli Tarot, also called The Beginners’ Guide to the Tarot, published by St. Martin's Griffin. Water signs:  The Prairie Tarot created by Robin Ator and published by GlowInTheDark LLC. All of these decks are available in app form as well as cards.

Astrologically, we have a Mercury retrograde period from December 19
th until January 8th of 2017. This means you should get all your mailing and shopping done by December 19th. After the 19th you cannot count on finding what you want or having access. This could be due to all manner of things including weather conditions, supply chain problems, transit and other labor strikes, and so forth. If you are planning to travel during this period be prepared for unexpected changes and delays. Those most affected are the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo.

It's hard to talk about December without mentioning "The Holidays" or "Christmas." Here in the United States everything pretty much stops at the end of December. While there are many holidays of different religions at this time of year, the whole country observes a secular Christmas. Hopefully, my mention of how this holiday dovetails with the astrology of December 2017 will not offend anyone.



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Death and the 8 of Swords:

While the Death card does suggest an ending in your life, Aries and the 8 of Swords further says that you may have created your situation, things actually look good. Here's why. Your social life looks blooming. You are giving and receiving invitations, going out and about, meeting people under happy circumstances, it looks good for you. But… you have created some difficulties for yourself. A self-destructive part of you is busy or wants to be busy, having a secret sexual relationship with someone who is off-limits. Do you want to give up the love and joy in your life for something that will not be an adequate substitute?

Images from The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani published by Lo Scarabeo.



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Lovers and the Ten of Wands:

While you are looking for love, other concerns are in front of you. You are focused on money for and from others. This could be an inheritance, or you could be working on estate planning for yourself or others. The burden part of this month is that you may be attending funerals. Some work on your home, remodeling or a minor project, is just about done. You might find some gossip and back-biting going on behind your back as well. That has been a burden. Things will shift with the New Year.

Images from The Sharman-Caselli Tarot by Juliet Sharman and Giovanni Caselli, published by St. Martin's Griffin.



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The Hanged Man and the 7 of Pentacles:

The Hanged Man directs us in more than one way this month. It could just indicate a slowdown in your professional life. It can also mean a sacrifice for your professional or public life. The most positive meaning is a deliberate stepping out of your role to see things clearly. This could be done without leaving town, but a retreat of some kind, with private time, will help. Should you go see relatives for the holidays, plan some time alone as you have things to think about. Any long term project is close to fruition. Money from loans is coming your way.

Images from The Mucha Tarot created by Alphonse Mucha and published by Lo Scarabeo.



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The Sun and the 7 of Pentacles:

The Sun is a positive card in the Tarot. Here it means good things coming your way, especially money and gifts! The seven of Pentacles also means things coming your way, but they are still ripening. You are busy and have a lot to do before the Christmas holidays. See the note about Mercury going retrograde and get the shopping and mailing done by then, or be prepared to be flexible. Siblings and cousins may have their travel plans thwarted, so if you are planning a joint celebration, again allow yourself and others to adapt to changing circumstances. As a Moon-ruled person, you ought to be the most easy-going about holiday plans—except this may interfere with your usual nostalgic décor and celebration at the holidays.

Images from The Prairie Tarot created by Robin Ator and published by Glow In The Dark LLC.




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World and the 6 of Pentacles:

There seems to be a creative block happening in your life, Leo. Or is it an issue with your children? Do you have something almost complete, but somehow the last bit is not happening? It will happen, probably because you will turn your attention elsewhere and “allow” it to come to a conclusion. Your focus may go to a health issue for you or a loved one. The good news is that it will be resolved. If modern medicine does not seem to be effective, there are indications that an old remedy will work. This could be an “old wives” remedy or herbal medicine or another ages old health system. (Consult your physician before trying an old remedy—especially if it is a serious condition.)

Images from The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani published by Lo Scarabeo.



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The Tower and the 5 of Cups:

Virgos are usually the quiet, productive worker bees getting the job done. You still want to be that way, but mayhem has broken out in your workplace. The anger being expressed at work is not good for your health. Fortunately, while the Tower is imploding you have female friends and a super-understanding mate who are highly supportive. Allow the support and shrug off the angry boss or co-workers or customers. The Mercury retrograde, beginning December 19th, may be difficult. Allow yourself some slack.

Images from The Sharman-Caselli Tarot by Juliet Sharman and Giovanni Caselli, published by St. Martin's Griffin.



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Death and the Ace of Swords:

It is time to let go of things that no longer serve you. If they are valuable, perhaps this is a good time of the year to gift them to others. You are more clear than usual, Libra, which is saying something-You fool most people with your charm, but underneath you are always thinking. You have increased clarity, focus, and discernment. Your creative life is very good this month, seize the impulses and get some projects done. All matters with your children are positive. If you need to make any changes regarding your children this is a good month for cooperation. People will enjoy your company this month, Libra. Make sure you give them an opportunity to do so.

Images from The Mucha Tarot created by Alphonse Mucha and published by Lo Scarabeo.



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The Emperor and the 8 of Pentacles:

The Emperor’s qualities of focus, will, drive and authority will be yours this December. Not that you are usually a push-over, but this month is one of even stronger than usual determination. You are looking at hard work on your current project, but the end is nearly in sight. There may be some work disruptions later in the month and sickness (yours or other’s) that impacts output. The more you can accomplish before December 19th when Mercury goes retrograde, the better. While you can still make progress on and after the 19th, the pace will be slower and you will need to channel the adaptability of a Gemini or Cancer, which is hard for you to do. 

Images from The Prairie Tarot created by Robin Ator and published by Glow In The Dark LLC.



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The Lovers and the Two of Swords:

There may have been some duplicity, some lying, and cheating, from a trusted partner or friend. Now there may be a gap in your life. For a time you will feel lonely, but that time is useful if you reflect, and resolve to be true to yourself. Be yourself. Follow your own interests. This way when you meet someone, there will be clarity about who you are. Those of you who are single, a possible new love interest will be introduced to you by a sibling or cousin. For all of you, the month is one of much social activity and fun. Money is good.

Images from The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani published by Lo Scarabeo.



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The Emperor and the Ace of Pentacles: 

I’m going to open with last month’s words, because they still apply, “Things at home are changing quickly. It may be renovating, redecorating, relatives moving in or out of the home. Whatever, there’s an element of chaos at home.” You have a bright new idea for a project—that Ace of Pentacles. However, it is not yet the time to pursue that idea. Find a way to temporarily stall. Wait until at least January 8th. The holiday season is going to be more chaotic than usual this year. Add that to whatever is happening at your home, and you do not have the wherewithal to take on a new project… yet.

Images from The Sharman-Caselli Tarot by Juliet Sharman and Giovanni Caselli, published by St. Martin's Griffin.



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The Hierophant and the Ace of Cups:

Okay, Aquarius, this is really different than your “normal.” This month is one of absorbing the good things from religious tradition, feeling the love, and being emotionally filled. Include Divine Love, spiritual nourishment, peace, and joy. It looks like all the hype around the holidays, which you have disdained (your zodiac type is the most removed from emotions!), is here to include you in the joy of the season. There are strong themes of home and nostalgia. Money looks good, though you are susceptible to being scammed. Take care of any health concerns and be moderate in your food and beverage selections. The Ace of Cups can also indicate a new love interest on the horizon.  

Images from The Mucha Tarot created by Alphonse Mucha and published by Lo Scarabeo.



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The Hanged Man and the 9 of Cups:

This month you are focused on your internal process and yourself. Everything will be slowing down in your world. Your partner may be freaking out about something near the latter part of the month. Either you take him/her on a vacation and have lots of sex… or go by yourself and have fun anyway. Your wishes and emotional needs are going to be filled, dear Pisces. Enjoy the peace and good feelings, you’ve earned them.

Images from The Prairie Tarot created by Robin Ator and published by Glow In The Dark LLC.

You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low-cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your emotions and flexibility.


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