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Did you know... 

that between 2002 and 2006, MIT (yes, the MIT) offered a four session course on the Tarot during the January break between classes? The Financial Aid Director, Daniel Barkowitz, is a Tarot enthusiaist and taught the popular course along with another on financial aid called "Financial Aid 101." Read the full article on MIT's website.

Attention ATA Members!

If you are a member of the American Tarot Association, join your fellow ATA'ers  on the ATA Connections loop. Contact the ATA Membership Coordinator for instructions on joining the loop.

We are doing a reading exchange on the loop so you can brush up on your skills reading for strangers.

WHO:  Anyone who wants to participate who is on the ATA Connections email list.

WHEN:  Complete reading within one week of being assigned a reading partner.

WHAT:  A reading will be done by each partner in the exchange.

In addition to exchanges, past activities have included discussions on the intricacies of particular cards. If you are looking for an email loop that is welcoming and friendly, join ATA Connections! 

You must be a member of the ATA to join the loop! If you aren't a member of the ATA, consider joining us!

Tarot Trivia

Compiled by Melanie Harris

1. What card is sometimes named "Fire"?
2. Who was the first to depict sphinxes instead of horses on The Chariot card?
3. In what country did the practice of printing numbers and titles on the Trump cards originate?
4. Arthur E. Waite, at the end of his book, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (Rider and Sons, 1909), says of which 9 Major Arcana cards: "They contain the legend of the soul"?

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