January Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

Happy New Year all. It seems like we are starting this year on a gentler vibe with a Solar Eclipse on Jan. 4 in Capricorn. Since the Lunar Eclipse last year on Dec.21, much has changed in the world and within us as well. We must all move forward carrying only what we truly need from the past, only what is aligned with our purpose.

Don't forget we just plowed through a Mercury retrograde cycle, Dec.30, and are  starting to crawl forward. This was a pretty strange and challenging retro to be sure. If you still have some of your electronics working, you are blessed.

With Saturn in Libra making a square to the Sun and Moon, we may need to have all three of our eyes open to the material realities of our existence. Capricorn is nothing if not practical and it will be a good balance for the other worldly energies of Uranus and Jupiter conjoining in mystical Pisces.

Its almost like we need to have our feet planted firmly in the ground while our heads explore the stars and all the far reaching possibilities afforded us. This is a time when some of us could be feeling quite unhinged if we cling desperately to life as it has been and try to knee-jerk our way through times better spent releasing the past and not clinging to it.

This could be a sweet time for relationships with Venus making a harmonious aspect to Uranus and Jupiter so enjoy it and savor the new ways you can experience the expansive feelings of LOVE!

Jan 10 may bring us some wild weather with an emphasis on floods and blizzards. Water still is a major issue so do all that you can to conserve and find ways to help purify where that is possible.

The Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 19 should bring in more elevating energy as the moon trines the Uranus/ Jupiter conjunction. We just might start feeling more harmonious energy instead of the jagged vibes that have been seemingly thrown like darts from above to challenge us to the max.

Last month everyone was calling me up asking me ,"What the Hell is happening in the Stars Flash, is this crazy or what?" It definitely was wicked wild out there in December but I promise a more gentle January for all with clearer communication in relationships in general too. I can see where we might even get more global cooperation and ... dare I say, the Repugs might just stop just saying NO TO ALL THINGS that would serve the average person.

Mercury and Pluto will be dancing cheek to cheek which means that the Truth will be even more exposed from way behind the scenes and from inside every closet. No doubt the Wiki leaks will ramp up and we may wind up knowing even more than we ever wanted to know. DADT will actually start to be implemented and finally give the gay warriors in the military what they deserve. The truth will also be finally exposed about how the government has been hiding the true facts about the BP disaster and the effects on the people of the Gulf Coast. With the Neptune/ Chiron  conjunction we may even discover hidden information about  health issues that are starting to surface amidst a slew of viruses.

All that being said, we have been dealing with such heavy transits for  so long that I swear we will for the most part feel that this time is a breather and a well needed one.

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