A Reading for Readers in 2012

By Jeanne Fiorini

Much has been made of the calendar’s turn toward 2012. Whatever your personal perspective regarding the date itself, the Mayan calendar predictions, the Cayce forecasts, the astrological prognoses, or the general state of the world, there’s little doubt that we live in transformational times. As students of the Tarot, we may be more sensitive to the shifting tides of consciousness which are occurring as people react to the more tangible concerns of rising and falling governments, economics, social upheaval and personal scandal. Much is being dismantled, much is being revealed, and there is much to learn.

All this movement and transition puts a Tarot reader working in the year 2012 in a very interesting position indeed. Given the way the world is turning it’s likely that more and more people will be seeking guidance, solace, information, or the simple distraction of having their cards read. But an increase in our work means an increase in our power (and hence our level of responsibility), heightening the importance of the definition of what it is we do and why we do it.

Some of us might call ourselves “channels for the spirit.” Or “spiritual workers.” Or “light workers.” Or “energy balancers.” Or “transformation specialists.” (That’s my favorite.)  For everyone working toward a greater awareness within individuals, an expanded collective consciousness, and personal as well as global health and healing, 2012 will likely bring numerous opportunities to extend our influence by means of the words and the messages of our readings.

To help guide our efforts, here’s a reading for all Tarot practitioners working in the year 2012.  I’ve asked particular questions that seem relevant to our general resolve to hold a guiding light for those who seek our services, and have prefaced the reading with the request that its message be expressed for the highest good for the greatest number of people. 

Take it as you will. I hope it provides some useful thoughts as we do our work in the coming year.

Question #1: From our perspective as Readers, what must we bring to our clients?

Ten of Pentacles/The Sun/Nine of Wands/Five of Wands

Bring the completeness of your experience to the table: the fullness of your knowing (your book learning as well as your learnings about life), your personality, the content of your being. It is your whole self that can bring forth the best information from a reading. Additionally, it is important to be genuinely optimistic regarding people’s ability to bring their hopes and dreams to fruition. Only if we believe this in our core can it be fully communicated to clients. People have a right to be joyful and happy about life, and this message needs to be heard. 

Upholding such an attitude may not always be easy, especially if we’re forced to take an unpopular stand on any given issue. We are committed to the long-term goals, whether this means persevering with a working practice, adhering to principles, moving through issues, or consistently pressing a certain message to clients at large. Standing firm in one’s beliefs and vision even when/especially when the winds are swirling is part of the warrior’s code.

Once we’ve done what we could do with the above parameters, as practitioners we have to allow things to unfold in their own time and allow clients to move at their own pace. It’s not our job to push the river, but to shine a light on the current and let clients maneuver their individual canoes as they will.  

Question #2: What will our clients need most from us? 

The Devil/The Wheel/Knight of Wands/Three of Pentacles

We cannot be complicit in anyone’s darkness. Whether we-- or they-- like it or not, clients will need us to disperse their illusions and not allow them to sit in a muddle of powerless denial. We should strive to model conscious intention as clearly as possible and require that others follow suit.  

There’s no purpose in fearing change, since change is upon us (as it always has been), even if now we are more aware of its presence. As readers we’ll need to offer clients a calm reassurance as we embrace the uncertain future. Outworn forms such as jobs, relationships, and other structures will fall away, but remember: Change is good … change is good … change is good. At this point in the game, faith and optimism are stronger forces than physical-world images of security.

A fine embodiment of someone who holds confidence in the face of change is the Knight of Wands. Meet the captain of the cheerleading squad … you! We can’t pretend that we know with certainty what will happen, but we can treat the transition process as a quest, as a time to take reasonable risks, and as an opportunity to engage a youthful spirit of adventure. A reader’s sincere excitement about the potentials within each person goes a long way to instill bravery in the most wary of querents.

Finally, clients are going to need practical tools for how to use the information received from a reading. “What do I do with all this?” “How can I implement this?” “What is the plan?” All the dynamic and amorphous energy we’ve seen in this reading will need to be grounded somehow: with a system of actions, with a to-do list, a homework assignment of some sort, with some sort of concrete guidance about how to work with the information from the session. 

Having said that, please take note: We have no sword cards yet on the table. This indicates that clients in 2012 aren’t going to need linear “answers” and much as support, guidance, and encouragement with the big-picture themes. Our job is to help clients know what to do when they arrive, not tell them where to go in the first place.

A Key Thought for Readers to keep in the forefront during 2012:

Seven of Cups/King of Swords (Well, when we do get a sword card we get a big one!)

Go into your heart in order to know your own mind. Take the time to understand yourself well enough, to listen intuitively long enough, to know who you are and where you stand. Once you have this clearly intact, don’t waver. This is your duty and responsibility as a Tarot reader in 2012. 

Although it was unintended, the tone of this is article is reminiscent of last month’s “Tarot Ain’t For Sissies” column; I guess readers really do have to be warriors. Warriors of what I’ll leave up to you, since we all have our different reasons for why we do what we do. Whatever your cause, I send you wishes for a strong heart and a truly happy and prosperous New Year. 

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