Inner Realms Tarot

Review by Terri Clement


Inner Realms Tarot
 by Saleire

Published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD.,

ISBN:  978-0-7643-4391-9

Retail U.S. $45.00


The Inner Realms Tarot is a 78-card Tarot deck/book set that is designed for the beginner Tarotist. This set is striking to look at, albeit a bit on the pricier end. 

This is a non-scenic pip deck that features keywords prominently displayed on each card.

 The deck and book set is housed in a medium sized, heavy duty cardboard box, with magnetic closure and white ribbon pull tab and stays. The cover art features a glowing blue sword, wrapped in orange and blue flame. The deck and book each have their own recessed section inside the box. The deck is held together with a plastic sleeve. 

Strength is number VIII and Justice is XI, and the Majors are traditionally named.  The suits are Pentacles, Cups, Wands and Swords. The Courts are named King, Queen, Knight and Page.


The cards are flexible, but the cardstock is thick with a moderate amount of laminate. Riffle bridge shuffling is a bit of a challenge due to the thickness of the deck. The lamination feels slightly sticky but the deck fans well. The edges of the cards are somewhat rough, but there are no perforation marks. The cards measure in at 3 ½” wide by 5” tall, making them a tad oversized. The card backs have a black background and a series of brown spirals that form a geometric pattern. The card fronts also have a black background with a ½’ border with the same brown spirals from the back. The name of the card is centered on the top of the card.


The colors used in this deck are very rich and fluid. The images are eye catching and dramatic.


The Wheel of Fortune features a spiral of gold, flaming diamonds with tracers extending out through the points. The keywords on the card are:  Luck, Change, Event, Destiny, and Chance.  The book says “Luck is with you. It is a time of miracles manifesting in your life, so take a chance and realize your dream…”

The 10 of Cups shows 10 gold smokey, cups. The keywords are:  Family, Delight, Serenity and Fortune. The books says “There is joy, happiness, and a complete feeling of contentment…”


The Queen of Wands features a lustrous blue-striped wand with gleaming spirals spinning off of each end. The keywords are: Open, Friendly, Optimistic, Popular, Sincere, and Cheerful. The book says “…She is the kind of friend you wish you had.  …She is a good person, so look out for her in your circle of friends. She could be your new best friend.”

The book contains a brief introduction to the world of Tarot, a black and white image for each card with an interpretation. It covers three “famous” spreads; the 3-card - Past, Present, Future, the 5-card Horseshoe and the Celtic Cross.  There is a small section in the back of the book that talks about pairings and some basic zodiac information.

All in all, the Inner Realms Tarot is a beautiful deck and is one that can definitely be used by the novice Tarotist.

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