By Lalia Wilson

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2017 already?

I used a different deck of cards for each of the four elements. All cards were randomized. Even so, there were six repeated cards. There were two Hierophants, two Devils, two Towers, two Worlds, two 2 of Swords and two King of Wands. The Hierophants speak to traditions, traditional teachings and the Sacred Turning of the Year. Part of the sacredness is leaving old problems and hurts behind and starting anew. (Not many of us are able to do this.) The Hierophants ask us to listen to traditional teachings and use what has been proven to work—to listen to the experience of millennia. We need that assurance because the Devils and Towers suggest bad events on the World stage. The Devil encourages us to be hedonistic, to follow our cravings, and to live for the moment. The Tower says that our lives will get a "shake up." The World card holds out peace and accomplishments for those who are self-disciplined and look to long-term progress. 

For a moment let’s ponder the Devil card, associated with Capricorn, and the World card which is usually paired with Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn. Astrologers usually don’t see Capricorn as negatively as the Devil is seen in tarot. Conversely, astrologers see Saturn as much worse than the World. Perhaps I will take this up in a future article, but for today it is interesting to reflect how this pair of associated cards with nearly opposite meanings both show up for January. It may indicate a “best of times, worst of times” month.

Moving on to the remaining two duplicated cards, the TWO of Swords, as if we did not have enough twos, and the Kings of Wands, we see more items of interest. The two of Swords is traditionally a choice, sometimes a choice between two bad outcomes. This month we have a choice to listen to the Hierophant and make our lives easier or to follow the Devil and wait to see the outcome of our actions. We have a choice of being the victim of the Tower's fall or being prepared and having the foresight of The World. Finally, the Kings of Wands are dynamic and compelling men. Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is easily cast as a King of Wands. But many fine men are Kings of Wands. Maybe this quality is one to seek out or cultivate in yourself. Instead of looking to others for inspiration, the King of Wands generates inspiration.

Cards used for these readings were as follows. Fire signs: The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Air signs: The Revelations Tarot created by Zach Wong. Earth signs: The Hillbilly Tarot created and published by Rev. Dr. David Brown. Water signs: The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot created by Lorelei Douglas. The Radiant Rider-Waite and the Revelations Tarot are both available through many sources, including Amazon. The Revelations Tarot is available as an app from The Fool’s Dog. The Hillbilly Tarot is available at http://www.hillbillytarot.com/, and the Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot is available at http://goldenagehollywood.weebly.com/


Aries 2

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Hanged Man and the King of Wands:

The Hanged Man suggests a slow start to the New Year. Remember that Mercury is retrograde until January 8th, another indicator of pauses in our usual lives. There is a whole lot of action going on behind the scenes in your life this month. Among many possibilities is a “secret” affair. Secrets usually become public at some time, so be wary if you are the one having the affair, and do not compromise your morals to cover up for someone else. There are substantial indications of business travel. The King of Wands can be someone else, someone who will be a strong positive influence in your life, or this can be an aspect of yourself to cultivate. After the slow beginning, the month will pick up week by week.

Images from The Radiant Rider-Waite published by US Games Systems, Inc.



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The Snake Handler (Hierophant) and the Ace of Hubcaps (Pentacles):

Things look good for your children, especially daughters, and any legal issues, religious associations or higher education endeavors. There is a religious flavor to this start of the year. New starts generally are favored. (Including health regimens, a “new” look, new cosmetics, hairstyle and so forth.) Travel is positive for you this month. The Good/Bad news is that you have a LOT of work. Work usually brings money and a better reputation, so be your usual careful self to get things right.

Images from The Hillbilly Tarot created and published by Rev. Dr. David Brown.



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The Tower and the Two of Swords:

Your public life calls. If you work in any kind of emergency response your participation will likely be needed this month. Your home life is quiet. Some choices are up for you, not surprising, as Gemini is the sign of forever being caught between options. Fertility is high. Children, if you have them, are doing well. Creatively, your juices are flowing, especially with any kind of collaborative project. Let’s talk more about art, since the next few months show great possibilities for success in this area. Gemini is normally more focused on words, not visual arts, but now is a time to work with pairs. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and the Greater Benefic of the Zodiac, Jupiter, is in Libra activating your artistic nature. This could be portraits of pairs of lovers, pairing colors in new ways, pairing people with vehicles that describe their personalities…

Images from The Revelations Tarot created by Zach Wong published by Llewellyn Publications.



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The Patriarch (Emperor) and the Two of Swords:

This month your attention seems split between career and family matters. Your boss is quite demanding, at least this month. S/he is strong-willed and seems to keep changing their mind and asking more of you. Life is intense at work. (If you are self-employed, this could be difficult clients.)  At home, decisions need to be made. The easy ones have to do with new furniture (traditionally on sale in January). More difficult decisions have to do with female relatives. Does someone need to go to a retirement home? Need additional support at home? These decisions are difficult for all involved. Think positive and make the best choice.

Images from The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot created by Lorelei Douglas, self-published via The Game Crafter.


Leo 2

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Tower and the Ace of Wands:

Travel is highlighted for you, dear Leo. Some of you may be traveling for purposes of disaster relief or courtesy of the Armed Forces. Your sexual energies are high, however, any new sexual liaison needs to be considered ahead of time, as some unions will bring trouble. If you have children, they will demonstrate greater than usual responsibility and maturity. Your artistic talents, especially this month and for all of 2017, should be used in sculpture, pottery or other art forms that are 3-dimensional. If this is new to you, let it be personally therapeutic, whether or not it ever becomes marketable.

Images from The Radiant Rider-Waite published by US Games Systems, Inc.



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The Outhouse (Moon) and the Three of Jugs (Cups):

Virgos are both practical and germophobic. If anything can make a Virgo squirm, it's having to use an outhouse. After all, how do you wash your hands? In this deck, the Outhouse stands in for the Moon card, symbolizing things hidden that we do not want to acknowledge. For Virgos this month, this could be a health issue or new diet or new exercise that they want to keep private. In the meantime, your partner is giving in to temptation. While you are virtuous, your mate is living it up as if there is no tomorrow. You frequently find yourself the Morality Police when it comes to your partner. Maybe this time around you can take a friend's advice, a different tactic, to resolve this issue.

Images from The Hillbilly Tarot created and published by Rev. Dr. David Brown.



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World and the Queen of Swords:

More than any other sign, this holiday season likely brought weight gain. Were you “celebrating” too much, Libra? January is a good time for successful writing and communications generally. An older sibling, or a younger one who acts old, can be a benefit to you this month, accept what they offer. There’s activity in your health sector which likely means a number of check-ups, not a serious problem. There is also some behind the scenes activity. Be careful what you do and what you say. Anything you think is secret may become public before too long. 

Images from The Revelations Tarot created by Zach Wong published by Llewellyn Publications.



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The Devil and the Glory (Queen) of Pentacles:

This month has you focused on siblings, cousins, neighbors, and your neighborhood. There is at least one issue that needs your focus. If it does not immediately come to mind, take the time to figure it out—you will save yourself trouble in the future. (This deck has the Devil card represented by Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate, which may give some clues to troubles in your sphere.) Your partner may be having some health issues. It’s time to be supportive. Some good friends, the practical and female friends, are on your side and willing to offer all the support you need. You are usually private and a loner; there is no need to go it alone with friends on your side. 

Images from 
The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot created by Lorelei Douglas, self-published via The Game Crafter.



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The Devil and the Knight of Wands:

Sagittarius has a hedonistic side, they just love to have a good time and indulge themselves—but—Saturn, the planet of self-discipline, has been visiting and will continue in Sagittarius through November 2017. But with the Devil card, there is a sense of "I've been good too long." The Knight of Wands only eggs you on to more crazy stuff as there are plenty of opportunities for you, dear Sag, to party, hook-up, and otherwise, indulge yourself. It's up to you how you deal with these temptations. Maybe it is time to reflect that Temperance is the tarot card usually linked with Sagittarius. For those of you who have money for high-risk investments or gambling, this might be your lucky month. (This means money that you can afford to say goodbye to if your endeavor does not work.) 

Images from The Radiant Rider-Waite published by US Games Systems, Inc.



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Roadkill (Death) and the Three of Hubcaps (Pentacles): 

Something old is passing. You may receive an inheritance or large gift from a friend. Your friends are especially intense this month, speaking about life and death and other serious matters. While you are a serious type, you also have times of letting go. One-hundred percent serious is too much! If you like to make crafts, January will be excellent. You may find yourself drawn to foreign crafted items or a craft artist from abroad. Take care of your own health and enjoy the quiet company of friends this month.

Images from The Hillbilly Tarot created and published by Rev. Dr. David Brown.



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The Hierophant and King of Wands:

Aquarius this is two months in a row with the Hierophant. Really! It looks like you need to take someone’s age-old advice, and not insist upon being independent—your usual way of being. What lesson have you been unwilling to learn? Let’s learn it now and not see old Mister Stuffy next month, too! Now the King of Wands is your ideal partner—open, straightforward, warm, passionate, courageous… He also represents your spouse or committed partner. Again we see a repeated message, let your significant other take the lead, and learn from him or her. Your agenda will be driven by others this month. Your mate is riding high and success is there for him or her. Let your partner bask in approval. 

Images from The Revelations Tarot created by Zach Wong published by Llewellyn Publications.



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The World and the Four of Swords:

This month highlights career achievement, advancement, a coup—or disgrace if you’ve been bad at work. Your partner may get a raise. You may receive an inheritance. Everything looks good if you have earned it. If you have been slacking off, The World may indicate your rewards commensurate with the dedication you have made to the job. Most of us want the rewards without putting in the work, but the Universe will eventually reveal your true nature. Let that nature be an honest day’s work every day. Pisces tend to be moody and imaginative. The Four of Swords tells you what you already know, you need lots of “down time” to inspire your creative self. It looks like a dilemma this month, for sure. Should you “look busy” on the job, or let your muse visit?

Images from 
The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot created by Lorelei Douglas, self-published via The Game Crafter.

You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low-cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your emotions and flexibility.


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