The New Year, Tarot, and Numerology

By Lalia Wilson


Wheel of Fortune Image from the Twisted Tarot Tales deck by James Battersby

There is always a big change when the year changes. One way to explore this change is through numerology and the tarot correlations with numerology. We start by adding together the numerals of the year: 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10. Universally, 2017 is going to be a 1 or 10 year. (In standard numerology all numbers except 11, 22, 33, 44 and other double or triple {identical} digits reduce to single digits.) So to a numerologist, this is a 1 year, but to most tarotists, this is a 10 year.

In tarot, the Universal 10 year corresponds to the 10th Trump—The Wheel of Fortune! So, universally this is a Fortuna year. A year of changes, ups and downs. As a universal year, this refers to outer events. How do we correlate this to you? 

It depends on the sum of your birth month and your birth day. You need to add the numbers of your birth month to your birth day and reduce that to a single digit. Then add the number 1, for 2017, to the total to find your personal year. 

For example, if you were born on January 1st, your month and day add to 2 and this year will be a 3 or Empress year. Similarly for these birthdays: 1/10, 1/19, 1/28, 2/9, 2/18, 2/27, 3/8, 3/17, 3/26 and so forth. 

If you were born on 2/1, and any other date where the month and day add to 3, such as 10/2, 3/9 and 5/7, your month and day add to 3 and this will be a 4 personal year for you. This is an Emperor year.

When your month and day add to 4, it will be a 5 or Hierophant year. When your month and day add to 5, it will be a 6 or Lovers year. If your month and year add to 6, it will be a 7 or Chariot year. When they add to 7, it will be and 8 Strength year. If they add to 8, it will be a 9 Hermit year. If they add to 9 it will be a 1/10 year, either the Magician or The Wheel of Fortune. If your month and day add to 1, it will be a 2 personal year which corresponds to the High Priestess.

You may have noticed that anyone whose month and day total 9 is always the same as the universal year. They are always in sync with the universal vibration of the year (and the month and the day). 

What does each year offer? A one Magician year is always a new start and an opportunity to manifest new directions and things in your life. A two High Priestess year is a time to be quieter and to let others, especially your significant other, take the lead. A three Empress year is a time for joy, births, and family celebrations. A four Emperor year is a year to take charge and work hard, to demonstrate self-discipline. A five Hierophant year is one of change or course correction in numerology, however, in tarot, it is one of more contact with religion and ceremony. A six Lovers year is a time of family love and unity in numerology; in tarot, you can broaden that meaning to include new relationships, but also an imperative to “choose wisely.” A seven Chariot year is a time for a new car or horse and a time for travel. An eight or Strength year is a time of accomplishment, usually the highlight of the cycle of nine. A nine or Hermit year is a time of withdrawal to access the previous years and the meaning they have for you.

You might work with this by choosing your favorite major arcana card that corresponds to your personal year. For example, if your personal year is a 6 (your month and day add to five), then choose your favorite Lovers card to meditate with, contemplate, frame and hang, or place on your home altar for the year. You might want this card to just be in your awareness during the year as a way of reminding you of the positive ways you can use the annual energy to your benefit. 

Let me know how this works for you! In the meantime, I am wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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