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I can feel that February will be a very interesting month and, in some ways, gentler than some we have endured. Perhaps the presence of Venus, Mercury, Chiron and on February 3rd, Neptune in Pisces is softening some of the hard edges carved out by the continued Uranian / Plutonic barrage of recent months?  Maybe Jupiter lounging around in Taurus and in a harmonious relationship with pugilistic Pluto provides a cozy cushion to allay some of the fears that have been swirling and whirling about our material well being, and the economy could very well improve.

Februaruy 2nd is one of the eight Pagan Holy Days called Imbolc, Candlemas, Brigid's Day and even the generic and Americanized Ground Hog Day! On this day, we observe the beginnings of the return of the light hence the lighting of many candles to welcome back the Sun to warm us during these colder times. Earth religions are very practical and not supernatural as most would think, but rather supernatural in that they are totally connected to the natural movements of the seasons. This is why we have Fire Festivals in the winter as a promise to keep the sacred flame of life alive in both inner and outer worlds (see other article on Imbolc for info RE: Moonhaven Celebration Feb 2).

The emergence of Neptune into Pisces on February 3rd until 2025 should herald a much deeper connection with Spirit  and this could really help humanity tune into to the idea of one loving world and one human family that is inter-connected. This paradigm shift of shared power instead of power over could foster tremendous change and prosperity for all if that ideal trickled down to the hearts of the powerful.... and the people are powerful!

We have seen the light and the dark of Neptune in Pisces already as we witnessed the abuse of our sacred Mother Ocean and her creatures at the hands of BP and others. The thing about water is that it is uncontainable in so many ways. What affects the ocean affects the marshes and the land and the  fish and the birds and the air and everything. Neptune can manifest in contamination and it can also raise the human spirit to its greatest heights.

While Neptune dallied briefly in Pisces last year, I found myself creating shamanic healing music for the ocean and its inhabitants and jammed with friends for each Full Moon to send out healing music. Being so Neptunian myself, it was easier for me to manifest some of the more positive aspects of this energy however those with charts and personalities that are more rigid and used to firmer boundaries can experience  the un boundedness of Neptune's nature to be unsettling and even frightening. 

One of the best ways to navigate the uncertain waters of Neptune is to get a feel for the new vibration if it is new to you and allow yourself to become comfortable with the unknown, like an un mapped journey but one which promises a good result if you go with the flow and learn when to paddle around the rocks. Grounding yourself in your spirituality is really important as well to help you TRUST the process when you can't see around the corner to the outcome. 

Of course I cannot underestimate the importance of opening your third eye wide, to listen to that inner voice and learn to turn up the volume. The more that you get used to listening, the stronger and louder those messages will become. This is one of the main things that I teach all of my students.

There was a tremendous response of many healers as well as political muscle to protect our oceans but still this country's dependence on fossil fuel over other cleaner energies will make the promises around offshore drilling shaky at best.

Water is like music in that it spreads out wrapping one and all in its melodious waves. One can't forget the amazing work of Dr Emoto regarding the magical way that water responds to positive and negative energies and thought forms so I encourage all of you to try this at home. Take any glass of water and start writing positive affirmations and tape them to the glass on the sides or bottom for a week before you drink it and see what happens, or speak them over the water.You might even go to your favorite body of water and stir prayers and or  affirmations into it with your fingers ,feet, crystal or magical wand. You can heal the water this way and our waters do need healing.

Melrose Bay which is nearby is the head spring for the entire Santa Fe River System here in North Central Florida hence water from there will ultimately reach the Gulf of Mexico. These are sacred Native American grounds and it has been a wonderful place for me and my sisters to do water healing. I am deliberately emphasizing these facts because we will be seeing over the year just how important the water will be for all and these are some great ways to help. Also stay politically as aware as you can regarding who is protecting or selling the rights to your water supply. Neptune is also known for deception and hiding the truth so you may need to use Plutonic stealth and persistence to get at the truth.

The Full Moon in Leo will brighten everyone's day as well as balance the Heart and Head energies. These can seem to be in opposition when in reality, they can complement each other and create more wholeness inside relationships and life itself. This will be a great night to be out and about and create whatever your heart desires.

Music, music, music, play more, listen and share it. You can find it to be your best friend and a tremendous balm for the soul. The many forms can serve to move the body, mind and spirit towards any goal including stress release and relaxation and can also pave the way for more challenging pursuits. Our world is operating so much more around vibration and these are changing at a much more rapid rate than ever before with all the Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in high gear. Through music we can catch the vibe and ride it and let it soothe us when we need that or with a funky pulsing beat ignite our souls to action when its time for some momentum. On February 7th, during the Full Moon in Leo, there will be a music jam here at Moonhaven so come on over and rock the cosmos with us.

Not to be a wet blanket, but Saturn will also be dancing around that night when she drags all three rings backwards as she goes retrograde at 29 degrees of Libra. The 29th degree of any sign is considered very significant as a last chance, if you will, to make things right. There have been a lot of messy political dealings and plenty that we don't even know about so as a retrograde planet might say, turn about is fair play! Will the wheels of karma create a more even-handed way of life? Should be interesting to see how Libran balance is achieived

I had predicted that political heads would roll and that we would see lots of powerful folks with their proverbial and literal pants down and so it has been and so it will continue. Just an aside regarding politriks and retrogrades, on Election Day 2012, Mercury will be retrograde so I can't wait to see just how crazy that one gets. We are already seeing tinges of that in the Iowa Primary. This will probably be one of the more confusing elections ever. 

I do hope that somehow we do actually see someone pick up the progressive voice because with Uranus in Aries, if that voice is not represented, it will find a way and we may not appreciate the result of suppressed enthusiasm for freedom and equality, just sayin'. You don't have to be a psychic or astrologer to notice that the roar of freedom is sounding from so many places on the globe and just as in the  60's, the people are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.

While Venus has been sashaying her sweetness around in Pisces since January, Mars has been showing his grumpy fussy retrograde self in Virgo since Jan 23 and the temperament isn't likely to change until April 13 when he does an about face. Til then try not to over think everything. perfection is over rated, rarely possible and grates on the nerves when one attempts to push that envelope too hard. We may find ourselves swimming in all manner of details as Virgo just loves that stuff.  Mars in Virgo will not oppose all the planets in Pisces but that polarity will be emphasized with these energies manifesting so strongly. Pisces sees the big picture and feels everything while Virgo sees the minutia and all those little details that make things work well. When they work together harmoniously it's a blessing.

Valentine's Day (hate giving this dude that day; let's call it Feast of Aphrodite Day or FAD for ease) should be quite lovely with many planets in soft and sensuous Pisces and Venus and Uranus cookin' and electrifyin' in Aries. The Moon in Scorpio won't hurt the groove either so plan on settling in or out for a night of passion and sensuality. Remember, we Sisters of the Moon like to give this celebration at least a week so don't skimp on the fun.If you are going out and meet a new love don't focus on longevity just have a good time and who knows what can evolve with Uranus in the mix!

The time from February 19th until the New Moon in Pisces on February 21st should offer some totally mystical days with the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury all in magical Pisces plus a few asteroids to boot. If you are able to pursue other worldly practices like meditating, getting a reading,  past life regression, astrology chart, stone healing or the like this is a great time for it and I know just the place to come too: does Flash Silvermoon at Moonhaven ring a bell? Honestly , wherever you are, try to find some time to express or dive into your spirituality you won't regret it. Go to the beach, the river or springs or just sit by your favorite trees, it's all good and can bring you into a deep harmony and resonance with yourself and Spirit, the Goddess etc.

On the other hand, trying to do regular material plane work will not be that easy because the boundaries that you are used to and need just won't be that available.

The Sun is exactly conjoining Chiron, the planetoid of the Wounded Healer on February 24th giving us a rare opportunity to take off the bandages on our sacred woundings, the deep hurts and offer them up to the Sun for cleansing and forgiveness. Why not take this opportunity, seize the moment and heal yourself or enlist the support of good healers and or friends.

This should be a most fascinating time with more surprises and twisting plots than a good Soap Opera. Enjoy the gentler energy and take  the time to let your spirit wander and discover the magic that is always there for you when you remember to be in the moment and be grateful for the beautiful planet that we live on.

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