Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

Review by Terri Clement


Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards by Frances Munro and Peter Pracownik

Published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-57281-691-6

Lush fields, pristine mountain lakes, and old growth forests are the backdrops for this delightful body of work.  The Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards is a 29-card Oracle deck by Frances Munro and Peter Pracownik, brought to us by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.


The deck is comprised of 24 cards with a very thin green boarder, called Working Wisdom Cards and 5 cards with a very thin yellow boarder, called Power Cards.  The deck has been designed for using the Working Wisdom Cards in draws of 3 (Past, Present, and Future), for the main reading.  Then pull a Power Card which “will bring a reinforcing of the power you have to move forward.”

The cards measure 3 ¾” wide x 5 ¾” tall, which makes them a little awkward for riffle bridge shuffling.  Just out of the box, the deck is a bit stiff, but should break in nicely, with use.  The card stock is a bit thicker than standard playing cards.  There is a slightly glossy lamination.  

The card backs are reversible friendly, with a light green back ground and a mandala in the center made up of mushrooms and dragonflies.  

The Little White Book is 45 pages.  It contains a brief introduction by Rev. Frances Munro.  It also explains the system designed to be used with this oracle.  The Working Cards are listed in alphabetical order and explains a little about each card and then the meaning.  In the back of the LWB there are 2 sample readings and a small bio from the author and the artist.


The artwork by Peter Pracownik is stunning and each image is very serene and calm.  For example, the Snowdrop Fairy features a wintery scene with a blond fairy, dressed in a white, flowing gown, seated in a thicket with 3 brown bunnies and a pheasant.  She is surrounded by Snowdrop flowers.  There are rolling, green hills behind her along with a blue sky.  The LWB states:  “The Snowdrop Fairy loves the winter when the animals in the wild come to caress her hands as she offers advice and help with the cold.”  The message from this card is to celebrate who you are.


The Power Card, Elfin Duke features an winged elf, dressed in green standing in a clearing in the woods surrounded by red-capped mushrooms.  There is a 7-point buck nearby.  Again there are rolling hills in the background with a fence line cutting through the center.  The sun is low in the orange and yellow sky.  The LWB states:  “The Elfin Duke works with the Heart Chakra, bringing love to all negotiations.  He has a need to serve God and shows when he is with you and helping you grow by showing you a shimmering orange gold."  The message from this card is to feel ambitious and worthwhile--to feel safe and adored.

The Woodland Wisdom is a positive deck and would be great to use for inspiration and affirmation work.  This deck can be easily used by those familiar with the properties and meanings of trees, flowers and wildlife.  To really work with this deck proficiently one would need to spend some time studying and working with the LWB.

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